Kids Ride On SUVs

Reimagine outdoor time with a ride on SUV that will hit the pedal on a thrilling adventure your kids will never forget! At, we have a fantastic range of electric ride on SUV models to allow your little one to cruise their backyard in style. 

Ride on SUVs are suitable for all age groups and provide all the features you would expect to find in a high-quality ride on. With well-thought-out safety features and extensive designs in our collection, you can sit back as your kids enjoy their 4WD ride on SUV. Styled after some of the most famous SUV brands in the world, our electric ride on SUV models offer great performance and guaranteed fun.

Browse our SUV ride on cars selection today and find limited edition kids' SUVs from premium brands and more exciting designs that will surely become your kid's new favourite.

Large range of electric ride on SUV models and more

As Australia's largest ride on car retailer, we can offer the right ride on car for any age group or budget. Our ride on SUV models include both officially licensed and inspired designs. If you're looking for a ride on SUV as close to the real thing as possible, then our range of officially licensed ride ons feature premium finishes and official badges. 

Our range of Inspired ride on SUV models represents great value and still includes a load of great features to ensure your child can become an outback nomad or a cosmopolitan 'Toorak Tractor'. Is an electric ride on SUV not exactly what you are looking for? Then check out our amazing range of ride on Sports Cars, Motorbikes, Diggers & Construction Vehicles and Quads

Looking for a different colour SUV? 

If you would prefer to select your electric ride on SUV model by colour, then follow these links for a great selection of red ride ons, blue ride ons, black ride ons or white ride ons. Like a rainbow, our colourful ride ons are designed to brighten your child's day with endless fun and excitement. 

Are electric ride on SUVs suitable for my 5-year-old?

Yes, electric ride on SUVs are suitable for children aged 3 to 8. Our ride ons are 4WD SUVs, which provide better traction and stability. This system allows the car to navigate a variety of terrains, including grass, gravel and uneven surfaces, more effectively, making them even safer for your kids.

Additionally, we have 24V 4x4 ride ons and 12V SUV ride ons available that limit how much speed the SUV ride on cars can gain, ensuring your kids will never get too far too fast.

Ride on cars are also available for younger children, including push and pedal cars. If your little one doesn't seem interested in an SUV for kids, you can also check out our range of scooters suitable for ages 3 and above.

Customise your ride on SUV for the ultimate look!

Our custom mini plates give you an opportunity to turn our standard ride on SUV models into true works of art. Choosing a name for your custom mini plates ensures that your child's personality, nickname or favourite thing in life is part of this great gift. With a large (really large) selection of colours and designs, why not invite your loved one to use their imagination to help create the perfect mini plate.

Shop at — unleash adventure today!

Don't miss out on the excitement and gear up for hours of play with a ride on SUV from our selection below or our range of bestselling ride-on cars. Have your kids cruising in style and adventuring safely with our kids’ SUVs. From branded sports cars to diggers and construction vehicles, we’ve got 4WD ride ons for every exciting adventure your kid dreams of.

Even better, at, we're all about speed, guaranteeing lightning-fast dispatch within 24 hours for all your orders. Plus, you can enjoy free delivery anywhere in Australia and flexible payment options for a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Adventure awaits, so shop a ride on SUV for kids now at!


What is the best ride on SUV for kids?

The best ride on SUV for kids should be both fun and safe. At, we have a range of electric ride on SUV cars designed for children ages 3 to 8. They are perfectly sized to fit your kid comfortably, with speed limiters and brakes that ensure they never go too fast.

To find the best SUV for your child, refer to the manufacturer’s recommended age guidelines listed on the product page.

What age is appropriate for a kid’s ride on car?

Children as young as 3 years old are old enough to use our ride on SUV for kids. As long as they are between the average weight and height for kids aged 3 to 8 years old, then they are big enough to safely play on one of our ride on SUVs.

Are ride on SUVs safe for kids?

Yes! Our ride ons are 4WD SUVs, meaning they have better traction on various terrains, so your kids are safe wherever they choose to play. Moreover, depending on the ride on SUV model you choose, there are other safety features such as belts, helmets and remote controls for parents who want to keep a close eye on where and how fast their kids are going. 

How fast does a kids ride on SUV go?

The maximum speed will depend on the battery and engine power of the specific ride on SUV model. However, our SUVs only go 3-8 km/h, depending on the weight of your child. Rest assured that our models never go faster than 10 km/h, so your kids stay safe throughout their adventure.

Can you use a ride on kids SUV outside?

Yes, our ride on SUVs are designed for safe use outside, even on various terrains. With a four-wheel drive system and sturdy materials, our SUVs for kids can handle rougher terrain while keeping your kids safe.

Do ride on SUVs need charging?

Yes, our ride on SUVs are battery-powered, requiring charging. However, our models are energy efficient, so your kids can play for hours and get tired before the SUV requires recharging.

How can you decorate a kids ride on SUV?

Using paint or stickers may be a fun way to decorate your SUV, but it can cause damage and may not last long. Instead, decorate your ride on SUV for kids with a customisable mini license plate from!

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