Lexus Schmexus, what's the big deal ? 

Have you heard of a little company called Toyota ? It's that gigantic Japanese company that make and sells more cars than any other car manufacturer in the world. One day, some of the Japanese executive got together and agreed that as elite citizens of the world, they deserved something that the average Japanese salary man could not afford. Lexus was born. Since this milestone decision, Lexus has continued to defy car manufacturing logic by instituting car engine tuning based on musical tunes, including moisturising systems in their air conditioning and even demanding that every second born Japanese child is called Lexus.  

"Lexus uses the best leather" ... (say it like Donald Trump would) 

It's 100% true, Lexus uses the best leather. And while there is no leather to be found on our Lexus ride on cars (that would just be silly), we are convinced that Lexus extend the same level of quality when agreeing to license on our our magnificent Lexus ride on cars. But hey, if you don't believe us, then check out our other collections of ride on car, conveniently organised by colour to make your shopping experience with as easy as possible. Check out our collections of white ride ons, black ride ons, red ride ons, pink ride ons, (and many more) 

What happens if my Lexus breaks ?

That really depends on what happened to your Lexus ride on car. Were you being rough with your Lexus ride on car, or did you Lexus ride on car just stop working ? Help us understand what happened and we are 100% committed to sorting it out for you. Our 12 month Australian warranty comes with all Lexus ride ons (and all other ride ons) as standard. We are available 24x7 to respond to any concerns that you have. We understand that these Lexus ride ons are for kids and that kids get sad if they stop working. No sad kids, period. 

How can I make my Lexus even more dope ?

Custom mini license plates are where it's at. Our amazing collection of colours, combined with your amazing collection of letter and numbers can truly create something S!CK and something that definitely doesn't $UCK. Spend some time with your little to choose the perfect mini plate for their special little machine.

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