Kids Ride On Motorbikes

If your child prefers the wind in their hair and the freedom to ride anywhere, then perhaps our great collection of kids electric motorcycles is the perfect place to find the right ride on for your little nomad. 

Ride on motorbikes offer some unique experiences and encourage your loved one to engage with their environment in a way that is very different from a traditional ride on car. In addition, ride on motorbikes look awesome, and our collection includes models from some of the top motorcycle manufactures in the world.    

Do we sell Harley Davidson inspired kids electric motorcycles?

At, we try to ensure that there is a ride on for everyone. When it comes to kids electric motorcycles, the choices are many. From officially licensed BMW motorcycles, to ride on motorbikes styled after Police and Fire emergency services, we have even included a couple of Harley Davidson electric ride on motorbikes within the collection to ensure that if your little one wants to cruise a chopper down route 66, then we can make that adventure happen. In case your child isn't keen on two-wheels, then we would encourage you to check out our great collection of sports ride ons, SUV ride ons or even our pedal cars to get them ready to take on a ride on motorbike in the future.  

What if you are looking for a specific colour? 

Colour is important. Let's face it, when you are 6, colour is pretty much the most important thing in life. If you have a specific colour in mind for your ride on motorbike then why not browse our ride ons range by colour. You can begin by checking our our most popular colours which include our black ride on, white ride on, pink ride on and red ride on collections. 

Are the kids electric motorcycles easy to ride?

Yes, kids electric motorcycles are extremely safe to ride. All ride on motorcycles come with three wheels to ensure stability and balance and also provide feet rests to allow your child to securely place their legs while riding.

Make it unique, add a Custom Mini Plate (or two)

Adding a custom mini plate from allows you to turn your gift into an even more special memory for your little one. Personalised mini plates can be attached at the front, rear (or both) of all of our range of ride on motorbikes, and ensure that what makes your child unique is front and center as the speed down the garden path, patch of grass, or local playground or oval. A great addition to any ride on from

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