Kids Ride On Cars with Remote Control

Is your little tyke excited to get behind the wheel? Get them started with a dream car they can call their own. We have a wide variety of remote control ride-on cars for every young person in your home — whether they feel the need for speed or would rather go off-roading in their very own mud kicker, we’ve got you covered.

We are the leading provider of ride-on remote control cars in Australia, and we have the biggest selection of electric remote control ride-on cars and non-motorised ride-ons available.

Choose from a remote control ride-on car — 2-seater options like a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti or McLaren-inspired vehicles encourage your kids to race the day away. Grab a Jeep or Range Rover-inspired vehicle or a motorbike and let the little one spin their tyres through the mud and muck. Or encourage them to get really creative with one of our digger tractors or our Star Wars BB8-inspired ride-on car with a remote.

Why buy a remote control ride-on car?

Ride-on remote control cars are perfect for those kids who can be a little over cautious, but also for those kids who are not cautious at all! A remote control ride on allows the parent or adult to take over control of the ride on at anytime, giving you absolute control over the direction or speed. Perfect in those "watch out for Grandma" situations, our remote control ride-on cars feature all of the important functions and safety features that would be expected from a quality ride-on car, plus "God mode".

Custom features of a kids' ride-on remote control car

The children's electric ride-on cars with a remote control that we offer are unique and contain features specific to that style of car. Some of the cool features included in these cars are anti-slip wheels, seat belts and working headlights and doors, and they can be operated by the remote control or within the vehicle. Many also have MP3 connectivity, so your kids can listen to their favourite tunes while cruising around the block.

Many of our kids' remote control ride-on cars are designed after real cars on the market, and all of them are created with safety in mind. Kids can go between 3-5 km/hr, and the remote control allows you to immediately stop them if needed. The cars can go an average of 1-2 hours between charges, depending on the surface they are being driven on and the occupant of the ride-on remote control car.

When you buy a ride-on car with parental remote control from RideOns, we offer you a 12-month warranty on the product. We have no hidden costs — what you see for the price is what you pay. We also offer free shipping to all customers throughout Australia and ship your products within 24 hours, so you can get your electric ride-on with a remote control in your children's hands as soon as possible.

Kids love our remote control ride-on cars in Australia. They're sure to stay entertained for hours, cruising in their very own vehicle!

Order your vehicle today, or contact our team with your questions about our products!


Which is the best remote control ride-on car?

The best ride-on car with a remote control is the one your kids will use the most. Many of our cars offer similar features as far as function goes. The difference is in the appearance and features of the car — choosing the best remote control ride-on car means choosing what your kid will use often. If you need a few ideas, here are some crowd favourites!

What age is good for remote control cars?

All of our cars are safely designed to be operated by children 3 years or older. Because children develop differently, parents should use their best judgement as to when they think their kids will be ready for a vehicle like this.

Children can use remote control cars for many years, as the load capacity is 30 kg. There are children that still love to ride these vehicles when they are 7 or 8 years old, depending on how much they've grown and if they still fit in the cars.

Are remote control ride-on cars safe?

Absolutely. We take the safety of children very seriously and have included a number of safety features in our cars. The kids' ride-on cars with the parent control remote include seat belts and are designed to only run between 3-5 km/hr at their top speeds. You can stop the vehicle at any time with your parental remote control, keeping your kids safe from any hazards you may encounter in your yard or down the block.

How long does the battery of remote control cars run for?

Our batteries run between 1-2 hours between charges, depending on how fast and how hard your child runs the car. Once the car is charged back up again, your child can continue on for another 1-2 hours.

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