Just Arrived Ride On Vehicles !

If you are looking for the latest and the greatest ride on cars and vehicles then you have found your heaven. These models are just in and have the absolute latest features and tech that you would expect from our quality cars are RideOns.com.au. Welcome to our just arrived ride on collection.    

What type of ride on should I choose ?

Ahhh, the age old questions. Sports car or motorbike. Tractor or Firetruck. Quad or Street sweeper and recycling van (yes that actually exists, search it). The type of ride on that you choose far less important that the ride on that your little ones chooses. We have a large range of ride ons to suit all tastes and lets face it, your not the one driving it so stop trying to figure it out! One of the most enjoyable experience in life is watching kids navigate our collections of ride ons to finally choose they one they really want. Oh, and if you happen to be looking for something non traditional, then why not check out our great collection of pedal cars for a completely different riding experience.  

Only red will do ? 

No problem. At RideOns.com.au we understand that kids have two important decisions in life. Firstly, which item of food they are going to choose not to eat on their plate, and coming in a close second, the colour of the ride on car they have been dreaming about since they were two.  We have a colour to suit every child so if you or your little one aren't sure, take a fun tour of our most popular colours which include our black ride on, white ride on, pink ride on and red ride on collections. 

What if my child wants mini plates on their ride on that say #SEEYA ?

Firstly, don't panic, our ride ons typically do between 3 and 8 kmh and at that speed, even their grandma with a walking frame can catch up and swipe them out of their seat with her waking stick. But secondly, let them do them. Our custom mini plates allow your child to create any name they like with a range of over 40 colours to choose from. At RideOns.com.au, we understand the small details matter. We get it.

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