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Ride On Police Cars & Motorcycles

If you child prefers to be on the right side of the law then perhaps an electric kids police car or motorcycle is perfect for them to continue upholding justice. With a variety of styles to choose from, RideOns.com.au has gone all out to ensure that your child can create their own adventure with Australia's biggest range of ride on police cars and motorcycles. And the best part? Well, even though these ride on feature unique exteriors, flashing sirens and awesome decals, they all still have the same premium features that you would expect on any quality ride on from RideOns.com.au. That's a genuine two for one! 

Extensive range of ride on Police vehicles 

RideOns.com.au prides itself on delivering quality ride ons, outstanding customer service, a one year Australian warranty as standard and free delivery anywhere across Australia. We do all of these things "by the book" and we do not look for shortcuts to ensure that you're experience with RideOns.com.au is worthy of recognition. Just like the smiles our electric kids police cars or motorcycles deliver, we ensure that you will have a big grin throughout your shopping experience with us. 

Do you have a Police ride on that isn't black and white? 

If the black and white of a traditional police car just isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps you would be more interested in a different coloured ride on. While we do have some police themed ride ons in colours other than black and white, we also have an entire range of sports ride onsdigger and construction vehicles and SUV ride ons for you to choose from. (in every colour of the rainbow) So if our range of ride on police cars  and motorcycles are not what you are looking for, then be sure to check them out. 

Can my kids police car or motorcycle be delivered anywhere in Australia?

Yes, your ride on police car or police motorcycle will be delivered anywhere in Australia at no cost, as standard.

How can I make my Police Cruiser look like it belongs in Hazard County?

If you are hoping for your little one to live out the adventures of Bo and Luke Duke in their very own General Lee, then how about including a customised mini plate in orange and black? Our personalised mini plates are fully customisable and available in many different designs to match your favourite set of Police themed license plates - YEEHAW (you could put that on a mini plate too)

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