Kids Ride On Police Cars & Motorcycles

Let your child explore law enforcement with our thrilling police car ride-ons and police motorbike ride-ons, specially designed to ignite their sense of adventure and heroism. At, we take playtime to the next level, and these ride-ons are no exception!

Cruise in style with kids’ police car ride-ons

Picture your little one patrolling the neighbourhood in their very own police car ride-on. These miniature cruisers are not just toys — they're a ticket to a world of imaginative play. Styled after real police cars, our ride-ons feature authentic details, from sirens to flashing lights, ensuring your child feels like a true hero on the road.

For the thrill-seekers in training, our ride-on police motorbikes are your perfect companion. Inspired by real motorbikes themed as kids’ ride-on police cars, these ride-ons offer an authentic riding experience — just imagine the wind in their hair as they zoom around, creating memories of freedom and fun!

Unleash the hero within your child with our captivating police cars for kids and ride-on police bikes for kids. Browse our collection at and witness the joy of imaginative play take centre stage when you shop our police ride-on cars with custom mini license plates!

With fast dispatch within 24 hours, free deliveries across Australia, and flexible payment options, we make sure the adventure begins promptly and smoothly for all our children’s ride-on police cars and bikes. Let the heroic escapades begin with our police cars, fireman vehicles, kids’ scooters and more!

Shop ride on police cars, kids’ police motorcycles and more at RideOns

If you’re looking for a high-quality kids’ police car ride-on or bike, you won’t find a better selection than the range at RideOns. Explore our range of miniature, functional law enforcement vehicles, or discover our other best-selling electric rides — from electric ride-on motorbikes to remote-controlled ride-on toys and even non-motorised transport for battery-free fun.

Struggling to find the perfect unique gift in our range? Get in touch with our team for more product information and advice about selecting the right ride-on police car for your little patroller. We even have balance bikes perfect for little tots and eager adventurers taking their first steps into the world of ride-on fun!


What other features do your ride-on police cars have?

As well as giving your young officer a smooth electronic ride that can go from 0km/h to 5km/h in a flash, our kids' police cars come with loads of extra features to keep little ones occupied for hours. They’ll have plenty of fun with the push start button, horn, forward and reverse and 3-speed options. Our electronic ride-on police cars also come with flashing lights, workable locking doors and MP3-connectable music capability. Plus, parents will love the remote control override option for extra safety.

Do your ride-on police motorcycles and cars come with a warranty?

Yes! All of our police motorcycles for kids and kids’ police cars come with a 12-month Australian warranty to give you total peace of mind when making your purchase. We also offer Afterpay and Laybuy options to make it even easier to get your purchase delivered to any Australian address in time for their birthday or special surprise.

Do you have an electric police car ride-on that isn't black and white? 

If the black and white of a traditional police car just isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps you would be more interested in a different coloured ride on. While we do have some police-themed ride-ons in colours other than black and white, we also have an entire range of sports ride-ons, digger and construction vehicles and SUV ride-ons for you to choose from. (in every colour of the rainbow) So if our range of ride-on police cars and motorcycles is not what you are looking for, then be sure to check them out. 

Can my kid's police car or motorcycle be delivered anywhere in Australia?

Yes, your ride-on police car or police motorcycle will be delivered anywhere in Australia at no cost, as standard.

How can I make my Police Cruiser look like it belongs in Hazard County?

If you are hoping for your little one to live out the adventures of Bo and Luke Duke in their very own General Lee, then how about including a customised mini plate in orange and black? Our personalised mini plates are fully customisable and available in many different designs to match your favourite set of Police themed license plates - YEEHAW (you could put that on a mini plate too)

What age range is suitable for ride-on police cars and bikes?

Our ride-on police cars and bikes are generally suitable for children aged three years and older. You may check for the recommended age to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the product page or by contacting us.

Are ride-on police cars safe for children?

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority. Our children’s ride-on police cars come equipped with speed limiters, brakes, seatbelts and comfortable seating to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride for your little officers.

How fast do ride-on police cars usually go?

This depends on the model, but you can rest assured that the speed of our ride-on police cars is intentionally limited for safety per age appropriateness. Generally, they have max speeds of 3 to 8 kph, which is suitable for young children, ensuring a thrilling yet controlled adventure.

Can ride-on police cars or motorbikes be used indoors as well as outdoors?

Yes, our ride-on police cars and motorbikes are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether patrolling the living room or cruising the driveway, your child can safely enjoy imaginative play in any setting.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a ride-on police car for a child?

When selecting a ride-on police car, you should consider the following:

  • Safety first — All our ride-ons prioritise safety with speed limiters, brakes and seatbelts.
  • Authentic design — The realistic detailing of our ride-on police cars and motorcycles enhances the immersive play experience.
  • Parental control — Some models include remote controls, allowing parents to guide the adventure from a distance.
  • Comfortable cruising — Padded seats ensure your child rides comfortably, whether patrolling the streets or cruising the open road.

At, we stock a wide range of ride-on police cars that boast all the key features and more for your peace of mind.

How long does it take to charge the battery of a ride-on police car, and how long does the charge typically last?

Charging times may vary per model, but on average, it takes a few hours to charge the battery fully. The duration of the charge typically lasts for a decent playtime, ensuring your little officers have ample time for adventures.

Can ride-on police cars and police motorbikes be customised with additional accessories or decals?

Our models don't offer customisation options to ensure the continued safety and integrity of the ride-on vehicles. However, you can personalise your child's ride with additional accessories or decals, such as our custom mini licence plates, to enhance the excitement and make their ride-on police car or motorbike uniquely theirs.

Do ride-on police cars come with remote control options for parental supervision?

Yes, some of our ride-on police cars and motorbikes include remote-control options, allowing parents to supervise and guide the adventure, ensuring a safe and controlled play experience for their little officers.

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