Kids Bugatti Ride On Cars

Regardless of how much you know about cars, Bugatti is a car brand that everybody on the planet is aware of! 

Bugatti is the pinnacle of motoring perfection. Engineering, design, speed and the most luxurious materials all combine to deliver the ultimate driving experience. While our range of replica Bugatti kids electric cars won't quite hit the 200 mp/h mark, we can assure you that they will deliver a smile to the face of your loved one, comparable to that of driving the real thing. Our Bugatti ride on cars emulate everything that has made the Bugatti the bench mark, equipped with all of the on-board functions and safety features you would expect from a premium kids ride on car.

No boot space in the Bugatti ride on car... no problem.

The Bugatti is all about speed, but if your loved one is more on the practical side, we can help. Now Australia's number #1 ride on retailer, have the biggest range of licensed and replica electric ride on cars in Australia.. If your child is looking for an SUV to hit the slopes (well sand pit) we have you covered. Or, if you little one is the type to excavate the backyard looking for buried treasure, you'll need to checkout our range of diggers and construction ride ons - we can't stop the mess, but we can increase the fun ;-)

You don't like the bright orange flames on the side?

We understand that taste is vey subjective, and that what Jo likes, Billy definitely does not! Fortunately, our impressive range of kids electric ride on cars come in almost every colour imaginable, and to help with the search, we have created handy collections, for each group of colours available, to guide you. If you're undecided on which colour is the best choice for your loved one, why not start with some of our more popular colour collections - black ride ons, Blue ride ons, pink ride ons, red ride ons

Do the Bugatti ride on cars look like the real thing?

Sure do! The Bugatti inspired ride on cars are a miniature replica of the real thing. They have the same exterior and interiod details that are easily recognizable across the Bugatti range of sports cars.

A custom mini plate for your Bugatti kids electric car, absolutely!

The only thing cooler than driving a Bugatti ride on car, is telling the world that it belongs to you! And, that part is simple, just 3 quick steps. Follow this link to create a custom mini license plate for your loved one's new (or existing) ride on. We have to warn you though, with more than 40 colour combinations to choose from, up to 8 letters per plate (and a series of special characters) you may want to make yourself a sandwich, and pour yourself a coffee before you start :-)

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