Classic Push Cars

At, we want to ensure that all kids have access to the fun.

While most of our electric ride on cars are recommended for children aged 3+, we are committed to providing great solutions for younger kids who also want to get in on the ride on experience - just like their bigger brother or sister. Our fantastic range of quality push cars are super affordable, and the perfect way to introduce your little man or lady to the joy of ride ons.

Why choose a ride on push car?

Ride on push cars encourage youngsters to begin exploring their motor and cognitive abilities. Kids love to solve problems, and sitting on a ride on push car without being able to move is quite the pickle! With a little patience, a little curiosity and some help from mum or dad, these little road warriors are only a few days of practice from shouting "FREEDOM" (Braveheart style) and taking off down the garden path. Once your child has gained their confidence with a ride on push car, then we would encourage you to move to the next level and consider moving them onto a motorised ride on, a balance bikes and ultimately a pedal car

Are push cars available in different colours?

Our Berg, Vilac, Sunny days and Retro push cars come in a huge selection of styles and colours. However, if there is a specific colour that you are looking for, why not check out our collections by colour. We can get you started by simply following these links to some of our most popular colours white ride ons, yellow ride onspink ride ons or black ride ons. (*many more colours available) 

Are our kids push cars suitable for kids under 2 years of age?

Yes, certain ride on push car models are suitable for kids aged 18 months and older. Please check the age guidelines available for each ride on for more details.

I want do something special. What are my options?

When buying a ride on push car as a present, it is often the small details that have the biggest impact. Take for example our quality custom mini license plates, which completely transform a stock standard ride on push car into an individual ride, specifically designed for your unique little person. Enjoy!


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