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Ride on balance bikes. Finally a product where the name says it all. These bikes come without pedals and are the first step in your child motor skill development to prepare them to ride a bicycle later as they progress. Balance bikes are the safe, easy way to ensure that your child is on the road to a life of riding activity. 

"You get a Balance Bike" - Oprah 

Now we aren't telling Oprah how to do her job but at we firmly believe that there is no gift more important for a growing child than a balance bike. Balance bikes ensure that your little ones confidence level is ready to move to a big boy (or big girl) bike, and makes it easier to master the skills required to ride a bicycle without training wheels. If you child has already outgrown their balance bike then why not consider a motorised ride on or pedal car, to encourage them into taking the next steps in their ride on journey. 

I want a RED Balance Bike DADDY and I want it NOW!

If your child is a bit of a Verruca Salt and communicates "clearly" about his or her colour choice then perhaps the best place to start shopping for your ride on balance bike is using our colour collections. We have a collection of ride ons in every colour of the rainbow, but we've helped you out by pointing you towards our most popular colours. Check out our pink ride ons, black ride ons and white ride ons collections today!  

Check out our custom mini license plates 

If you are in the process of purchasing, or have already purchased a ride on balance bike, then don't forget to add a custom mini plate, the perfect addition to transform a stock standard ride on into an individual masterpiece. 

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