Kids Red Ride On Cars

We think every kid should experience the joy of cruising around in a shiny red ride on car! Luckily, we can help! 

Our collection of electric red ride on has exactly what you’re looking for! From the classic Big Red Car inspired by The Wiggles to the sleek and stylish red Mercedes and red Lamborghini ride on car, we have various options to suit any child's taste. And why not add a custom mini plate to their ride while you’re at it?

Why kids love red ride on cars

Kids love ride on cars because they give them a sense of independence and control. With an electric red ride on, your child can feel like they are driving a real car, all while having fun and developing their motor skills. And with our collection, they can have their favourite character or brand by their side as they drive around.

Not into cars? No problem. Our kids’ red bikes or kids' red trucks may be better options. We also have a red firefighter-inspired motorcycle, big rig ride ons, construction-inspired kids’ ride on cars, and even SUVs. For more inspiration, check out our full motorised and non-motorised range and browse our best sellers.

The Big Red Car and more

If your child is a fan of The Wiggles, they'll love our Big Red Car-inspired ride on. With its bright red colour and fun design, it's the perfect Wiggles red car for any young fan. And if they prefer Lightning McQueen from Disney's Cars, we have a kids' McQueen red car in the classic colour that's sure to please. For something a little more sleek and stylish, our Mercedes and red Lamborghini ride ons will turn heads.

Top brands for little drivers

At, we pride ourselves on offering the best ride on cars from the top brands. Our red Mercedes, Audi and Lamborghini ride ons are all licensed by their respective manufacturers, so you can trust that they are made with the highest quality materials. And with their true-to-life designs, your child will feel like a true VIP as they cruise around in their red ride on.

Not hot on red? We also have sweet pink kids’ cars and ultra-cool black ride ons.

Shop red electric ride on cars now

Looking for an electric red kids’ car for your little driver? Look no further than RideOns, the #1 Australian retailer for kids' electric cars. With free delivery anywhere in Australia, what you see on the screen is the price you'll pay. No hidden fees or extra charges – ever.

At RideOns, we understand that when your child wants a ride on car, they want it fast! That's why we dispatch all orders within 24 hours so your little one can start driving in no time.

We also offer flexible payment options with Afterpay and Laybuy available storewide, so you can pay later and enjoy the ride now.

Our collection of electric red ride ons includes top brands like Range Rover, Ford, Holden, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and BMW, as well as licensed and limited editions for a unique driving experience. We even have kids' motorcycles if your kids are into looking like bad boys.

If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is just a click away. Contact us anytime!


What is the best toddler ride on car in red colour?

The best toddler ride on red car depends on a variety of factors, including the age and size of the child, the type of car they prefer and their individual needs and preferences. It's important to choose a ride on car that is safe, sturdy and age-appropriate.

What is the fastest red car for kids?

While speed is not always the top priority when it comes to electric red ride ons, there are a few models that are designed for speed and performance. The speed of a ride on car will depend on factors such as battery power, weight capacity and motor strength. Some popular options for faster ride on cars include the red Lamborghini and the red Audi ride on car.

Are red cars worth it?

Whether or not a red ride on car is worth it depends on your individual preferences and needs. While some people may prefer the classic red colour, others may prefer different colours or designs. However, red is a popular colour for ride on cars for a reason — it is bright, eye-catching and fun. Additionally, many red ride on cars are designed with high-quality materials and features, making them a worthwhile investment for parents who want a safe and reliable ride on car for their children.

How much does a kid's red car cost?

The cost of a kid's red ride on car can vary depending on the brand, size and features of the car. On average, a red ride on car for kids can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 or more. It's important to choose a ride on car that fits your budget while still providing the features and quality you want for your child.

What models are available in a red kid’s car?

There are many different models of red ride on cars available for kids, including the red Audi, red Lamborghini and red Mercedes ride on car. Other popular models include the Lightning McQueen ride on car and the Big Rig truck deluxe ride on car. When choosing a model, consider factors such as age range, weight capacity and safety features to find the best fit for your child.

How long will it take to deliver my red kid's electric car?

Standard times for delivery are 2-4 business days within VIC, 2-5 business days within NSW & ACT, 3-5 business days within QLD & TAS and 4-7 business days within WA and NT. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours, and tracking information will be provided.

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