Segway Kickscooters

Segway, the only name to consider, and the original. Segway have been creating quality, unique personal transport devices since 2001 and now offer an impressive range. Featuring scooters, unicycles, foot based balance transports, and the more traditional Segway Pro, these quality products represent the pinnacle in ride on experiences.   

What's a Segway? (kind of sounds like a sandwich)

We think you mean SUBWAY. SEGWAY have pioneered the creation of multiple personal transport devices. At its core, all Segway products utilise a patented self balancing technology, allowing the user to ride noiselessly and efficiently across challenging terrain, while producing zero negative environmental emissions. AWESOME! Segways' are also fun to ride and simple to learn to operate. The only practice required is to lean in the direction you want to go and let your Segway take you there. In the past, balancing on two wheels has been tricky, but Segway have removed much of the challenge with patented balance technology, allowing the rider to simply enjoy their environment. If Segway isn't for you, then perhaps you should check out our collection of balance bikesmotorised ride onspush cars or pedal cars.

SEGWAY ... black, white or NO?

OK we get it. Traditionally Segway have made a black or white version of their key models. However, Segway have also released a number of models in vibrant colours to ensure that everyone can find a match. That said, if Segway don't have the colour you're after, you can check out our orange ride ons, green ride ons, yellow ride ons or red ride ons for even more colourful options. 

Can I pay for my Segway Kickscooter using Afterpay?

Yes, there are numeous options for payment to purchase your ride on including Paypal, Afterpay, Credit Card, Laybuy or LattitudePay.

Can I make a SEGWAY even better?

It tough. Segways' are AWESOME! At we think the only thing cooler than a Segway is a Segway with a custom mini plates on the front. Our mini license plates can be easily attached to all Segway models to help them align with your loved one's personal style. (or your own)

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