2-Seater Ride On Electric Cars

So you've apparently got more than one child (otherwise this section would seem awkward). 

At RideOns.com.au, most of our electric ride ons cars are purpose built for one occupant at a time. However, we have worked with our supplier's to include a number of two seater ride on cars to ensure that we are across all of our customers needs.       

Why do I need a 2 seater ride ons car?

2 seater ride on cars are designed specifically to carry the weight of two riders. This is critical as with two riders, the power required is much higher, the frame must be able to carry the additional weight, and the ride on must be able to take the unique level of punishment only experienced from two kids destroying it at the same time! If you've just realised that you don't actually need a two seater ride on car, then don't panic and be sure to check out our range of motorised ride onspush carspedal cars or balance bikes for the perfect gift to suit a single child. 

Do 2 seater ride on cars come in different colours?

Of course they do! Our great range of 2 seater ride on cars are available in multiple designs and colours. But we also have a large range of single seater ride on cars which are also available in every colour under the sun. To check out our most popular models, check out our ranges of white ride ons, pink ride ons, black ride ons and yellow ride ons

Are 2 seater kids electric cars really suitable for two kids?

Yes, 2 seater ride ons are speciifically designed with larger dimensions, two seats, a stronger chasis and a more powerful battery to ensure that a two seater journey is both comfortable and fun.

How can I make a 2 seater ride on car personal for one of my kids?

If you are going to have two kids sharing a 2 seater ride on car then to us here at RideOns.com.au, it makes perfect sense to have two mini plates. One on the front with the first child's name and the second on the back with the second child's name. If this sounds like a good idea, then check out our custom mini plates - completely customisable, and the perfect addition to any ride on.

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