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Create your Custom Mini Plate

Why add a customised Mini Number Plate?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been using words to describe each other. At we say be proud of who you are and share your special name with the world. Whether your child is a proud to be a BOGAN, loves to consider themselves a little AGGRO, always uses too much BOGROL, loves a great SCHNTY, aspires to one day be a GARBO or just wants to tell the driver in front of them to RAKOFF, our customised mini number plates are the perfect way to highlight the "I" in ride on. 

Do the customised mini license plates include free delivery?

Yes, these hand made custom mini plates include free delivery, anywhere in Australia as standard. You can customize the text, text color, number plate color and the state or territory.

Bought a customised mini number plate? Well let's find you something to stick it on

Most people tend to buy the ride on and then add a mini plate but hey, we don't judge here. If you find yourself looking for something to attach your awesome mini plate to then why not check out one of our sweet ride on collections. We have provided a couple of quick links to some of our favourites including - Sports Ride Ons, SUV Ride Ons, Motorbike Ride Ons, Pedal Cars and even Push cars for the really little ones.

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