Why buy a ride on kids Electric Scooter?

Scooters are a great way for kids to spend time outside. Scooters combine the fun of a ride on, with the more challenging experience of scooting, allowing kids to develop elevated motor and cognitive skills while having a great time. At, we have created a collection of kids electric, and kids non electric scooters to ensure that there is an option for all levels of scootering enthusiasts, and a model to meet all budgets.

Best range of kids electric scooters and more

While we have many kids electric scooters and non motorised scooters to choose from, we also recognise that not all kids want a scooter.  Therefore, if your child isa little 'anti-scooter', then please check out our great collection of push cars, pedal cars, balance bikes and motorised ride ons

Is colour important to your child? 

While kids electric scooters are available in many colours at, it is always hard to please everyone. If your child is interested in a particular colour (and this is not negotiable) then we have organised the website to allow you to see all colours across our entire ride on range in one colour at a time - simple. Follow these links if your little one prefers black ride ons, or white ride ons, or, if your loved one is at the 'stealth' stage (we've all been there) perhaps you should check out our grey ride ons for the perfect, 'understated' choice. 

How old does my child need to be to ride a kids electric scooter?

The reccomended age for a kids ride on electric scooter is betweeen 6 and 18 depending on the specific model. Please refer to the age guidelines listed within the details section of each model.

Scooter + Mini License Plate = To Cool for School

Custom mini plates are the perfect way to make your kids scooter truly individual. With over 40 license plate colours to choose from, and an unlimited number of 8 letter (or special character) options, our custom mini plates are a great way to identify your child's scooter at the park with just a glance, or to encourage them to  stick to THEIR scooter, and stop stealing yours!

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