Electric Ride On Quads

Why buy a ride on Quad bike?

If you are looking for the ultimate ride on fun, then we are glad you have found our quadbike collection. Kids electric quadbikes are a step up from the traditional ride on car or motorcycle, and offer an elevated ride on experience. Ride on quadbikes are able to handle more extreme terrain, provide additional power to get them up steeper inclines, and also provide a more robust frame to ensure that they can handle any big adventure that your child may throw at them. Oh, they are also a lot of fun!   

Biggest range of electric ride on Quadbikes and others

Suited to the most uneven terrains, kids electric quadbikes are the ideal choice for little ones who enjoy complete freedom within their ride on driving experience. Quadbikes are simple to ride and provide a geared control system on the central handlebars, which combines acceleration and deceleration to make the ride on quadbike experience easy and fun. If a quadbike experience is not quite what you are looking for, then perhaps you can consider a more traditional ride on.  At RideOns.com.au we have many collections of alternative ride on choices including sports car ride ons, motorbike ride ons, push cars and scooters

But what if I don't like that colour? 

So you can't stand red. Perhaps your child just doesn't like blue. If your little one is looking for something a little different then why not check out or great range of ride ons in more unusual colours. Our purple ride ons, orange ride ons, grey ride ons and yellow ride ons will ensure that you find the perfect ride on for the special child in your life. 

Can I use my kids electric quadbike in the mud?

Yes, kids electric quad bikes are suitable for use in most conditions but their speed will be impacted by the incline. the type of surface and the weight of the occupant riding the quad bike.

Mini plates, the Best way to Customize your ride on

If you do love unusual colours, then be sure to check out our the more than 40 colour combinations available with our custom mini license plates. Our mini plates can be personalised with any text that you like, making them the perfect addition to any ride on quadbike, and providing you a great opportunity to use your artistic talents to create something truly unique for your child.

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