Electric Ride On Tractors

Ride On Tractors

YEE HA! If you're little one's the type that loves open fields, the wind in their hair and occasionally tipping the odd cow, then our collection of kids electric tractors and non motorised tractor pedal cars are the perfect choice. Our ride on tractors are a great alternative to a traditional ride on car, and provide all of the features you would expect to see in a quality ride on from RideOns.com.au, plus more. 

Watch out, the tractors are coming!   

As well as the tractors themselves, we have also rounded up some exclusive models that provide additional excitement, such as our great tractor trailer combination from Italian company Peg Perego. Our collection of quality Berg tractor themed pedal cars also feature the official livery's that adorn the real-life versions, providing an uncompromising and authentic finish to a fantastic ride on experience. Landed here by mistake? (it happens) But while you're with us, why not check out our range of sport car ride ons, SUV ride ons, motorbike ride ons, or digger and construction. We promise it's worth a look ;-) 

A Red or Green Tractor just won't do? 

Talk to any farmer about colour and they will tell you that there are only two colours - red or green. Then talk to a five year old and they will explain, in detail, over several hours, why everything should be pink. Unfortunately, we are limited on pink tractors (we are working on it) but we can offer a great collection of pink ride ons, blue ride ons, orange ride ons and purple ride ons, for those kids where colour is king! 

Can I track the delivery of my ride on tractor?

Yes. We will dispatch your ride on tractor within 24 hours, and then provide tracking information within 24 hours after your purchase has been dispatched.

How can I make my ride on tractor pretty? 

As old MacDonald once said, a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig. Now, we would never call our beautiful collection of kids ride ons tractors 'pigs', but even the prettiest ride on tractor is still just a tractor. Our amazing custom mini plates are the perfect way to turn 'just a tractor' into a masterpiece - perhaps the prettiest tractor at the ball.  

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