Kids Lamborghini Ride On Cars

Speed. Power. Beauty. And no, we aren't referring to the bull in that Disney move that loved to sniff flowers all day. 

This bull is a different animal altogether. Turning up at the playground with your brand new Lamborghini kids electric car is a level of cool that most of us just dreamed about while we were growing up. Now you can make your child the envy of the neighbourhood with our range of officially licensed or inspiredLamborghini ride on cars. Turning heads is just the beginning because these special ride ons are equipped with every feature that you would expect from a ride on of this calibre.

Best range of Lamborghini kids electric cars 

While we have no idea why you wouldn't want to buy a Lamborghini ride on car, we are willing to meet you half way. We also have a great range of Range Rover ride ons, Mercedes Benz ride ons, Maserati ride ons, Bugatti ride ons, and BMW ride ons, plus many more models that we think you will love. Your only job is to figure out which one you love the most!

A different colour for every day of the week!

If you have completely lost touch with reality and are looking to own a ride on in a different colour for each day of the week, then we can totally help you out with that. Our recommendation would be to go with a blue ride on for Monday, a red ride on for Tuesday, a pink ride on for Wednesday, an orange ride on for Thursday, a white ride on for Friday, a black ride on is perfect for Saturdays date night; and finish with a bright green ride on, perfect for church. 

Are these Lamborghini ride on cars officially licensed?

Yes. Most of our Lamborghini ride on cars are officially licensed. have a large range of officially licensed ride on and models that are inspired by the real thing.

Your new Rambo Lambo is prrrrrretty

If you've purchased a Lamborghini kids electric car then you are already well ahead of the pack. But the Lamborghini badge brings with it a serious responsibility. Your next big decision is to name your beautiful machine. Adding a custom mini license plate from allows you to officially crown your child as the coolest kid around. Previous mini plates added to our Lamborghini ride on cars include KING, VIP, MONSTR, I-WIN and other similar, overly elitist or aggressive nick names :-)

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