Best Selling Ride On Cars

Ignite your child's imagination and take playtime to the next level with our selection of bestselling ride-on cars! This range features the favourite ride-on cars of parents and children alike, with various features in different styles to suit your kid's preferences and address your concerns.

Browse our best cars for kids below and have your little one cruising in style!

Discover our best ride-on cars

From police cars and fire trucks to sports cars inspired by classic car brands, our bestselling kids’ cars will surely spark your kid’s sense of adventure. Our ride-on cars are designed with special attention to detail so your kids can safely enjoy a world of creative play and endless fun indoors or outdoors.

Rest assured that has safety and fun as our top priorities — all of our electric ride-on cars with motors are battery-powered and limited, so your little ones will never get too far too quickly. They are all equipped with brakes and seatbelts, with some even coming with a remote control that parents can use to keep their kids from going a little too wild as they explore in their very own sports cars.

Aside from an assortment of colours and models to choose from, you can also customise your kid’s ride-on car with their very own mini licence plate! Create your own personalised license plate to make the ride-on car gift to your little one that much more special.

Shop at — the best cars for kids

Our ride-on cars are the perfect thrill for your little adventurers, with immersive features that will transport your child to a realm where every adventure begins with a turn of the wheel. Whether they want to be cruising in a stylish sports car or saving the day in a heroic fire truck, has it all.

So don't miss out and gear up for hours of play with our bestselling ride-on cars! At, we don't waste any time, guaranteeing a fast dispatch within 24 hours for all your orders. With free deliveries to anywhere in Australia and flexible payment options, we ensure a hassle-free and exciting experience from start to finish.


What ride-on car should I buy for children?

At, we have the best ride-on cars for kids. Simply choose a model from our amazing collection based on your kid’s age and preferences. We offer sports cars, jeeps, police cars, tractors and more in various colours that will excite your kids. Rest assured that they are all safe for kids of appropriate age to use.

At what ages are battery-powered cars appropriate for kids?

Children from the age of three years and up can use battery-powered ride-on cars — just be sure to check the specific model’s manual for the recommended age of use. However, we also offer safer options for kids who may not be ready for adventure on our motorised ride-on cars. Check out our collection of push cars and our most popular pedal cars for fun that’s safe and appropriate for your younger children. 

What is the best electric car for children?

The best electric car for your children will be appropriate for their age, size and interests. At, we offer an expansive collection of ride-on cars for kids available Australia-wide. We also have a collection of electric scooters and motorbikes that may interest your children — shop now to enjoy free delivery and flexible payment options for your order.

What age can a child ride in a kids' electric car?

Our electric kids’ cars are designed and recommended for children three years and older. Check for the manufacturer’s recommendations on the product pages of our ride-on cars to make sure your kids are old enough and big enough to use the specific model you’re looking at.

Are there any safety features on electric cars for kids?

Yes, all of our ride-on cars have all the safety features your kids will need to enjoy a thrilling but safe ride, preventing them from going too fast or injuring themselves. You can shop our collections confidently, knowing that our ride-on cars have various safety features, including the following:

  • Speed limiters and breaks
  • Seatbelts
  • Comfortable seating

Some of our ride-on cars also include remote controls for the parents and helmets for your kids.

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