Vespa RideOns are the coolest ... and cleanest

Ew, Dirt. If you feel the same way then you and Enrico Piaggio are best buds. You see, Enrico thought that traditional motorcycles were unclean and bulky, not near sophisticated enough for zipping around the city. He embarked on an adventure to create an alternative and the Vespa was born. Welcome to our collection of Vespa scooter ride ons for kids.

What's with all the colours ?

We all know that Italians love their Vespas and that they also love colour. Bright yellow, Raunchy red and Azzurro blue are all colours that are snapped up but the Italians quicker than you can see "Hey mama, my pizza is getting soggy without a roof on my scooter".  We all also know that British folks fancy a spot of tea. However, it also appears that they very much fancy a Vespa. The UK population are the second largest buyers of Vespas in the world. This is why we have drab colours like army green, beige and pantone (that vomit colour that doesn't seem to fit into any colour category). No matter whether you consider yourself more Italian than British, we ve got you covered. Check out our great collections white ride ons, black ride ons, red ride ons, pink ride ons.  

What if I need to scoot right now ? are committed to dispatching all in stock models within 24 hours of your purchase. Tracking information will be provided via email and/or sms within 24 hours after your item is dispatched.

Add a mini plate to your scooter ... everyone's doing it ! we firmly believe that every child is unique. If you love your special little thing then why not add a custom mini license plate, available in over 40 colours. They probably won't appreciate it at all .. .but we will.

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