Few Things To Consider When Getting Your Child Ready For Their First Scooter Ride

Few Things To Consider When Getting Your Child Ready For Their First Scooter Ride

It's finally happened — your little one has mastered riding a bike and is now ready for the next big challenge: their first scooter! Wheeling around on a scooter is a great way for kids to exercise, have fun and explore their neighbourhood. But before you let your child loose on their new scooter, you should keep several in mind to ensure they stay safe while riding. Here are six tips to help prepare your child for their very first scooter ride.

Get them used to riding a scooter by practising with a tricycle or bike

Start training your kids with a tricycle or bike if you're planning to buy a kids’ scooter. This can help them get used to riding a scooter and they'll be able to practice balancing and steering. Once they're ready to move up to a scooter, you can choose between a traditional kids' scooter or an electric one. 

If it's their first scooter, go with a traditional one so they can get used to the feel of riding before adding power. Electric scooters are great for kids who are really into action and adventure and will love zooming around on their first electric scooter. Whichever type of scooter you choose, your kids will have hours of fun riding around the neighbourhood.

Teach them how to brake/properly stop the scooter

Whether it's their first 2-wheel scooter or their second 3-wheel scooter, the sense of freedom and fun is palpable. However, as any parent knows, it's important to ensure that kids know how to properly operate their scooters before letting them loose. One of the most important things to teach them is how to brake — gently pushing down on the back brake to slow down and stop. This will help them avoid accidents and ensure a safe and fun time scooting around. 

Explain traffic safety rules

Getting a kids' ride-on scooter is a rite of passage for many kids. It's their first taste of independence and a lot of fun. But with that newfound freedom comes responsibility. Before kids take their first scooter ride, it's important to go over some basic traffic safety rules with your kids to keep them safe. 

Here are a few rules that they should always follow: 

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street
  • Use hand signals to indicate when they're turning and never ride in the street without adult supervision
  • Explain the importance of staying aware of their surroundings at all times

Teaching your kids these simple rules can help them stay safe when they're out and about.

Help them practice riding in a safe, open area

When your child is ready to ride their scooter, make sure they have plenty of space to practice. Look for a flat, open area with no obstacles or traffic. Once you've found the perfect spot, help them get comfortable on their scooter. If they're still getting the hang of things, you can hold onto the back of the scooter and help them balance. As they start to gain confidence, let go and let them ride on their own. With a little practice, they'll be whizzing around like a pro in no time!

Make sure they wear a helmet and other protective gear for their safety

Kids' scooter safety is essential. Kids love to ride on scooters, but they must wear helmets and other protective gear for safety. Wearing a helmet can protect them if they fall and hit their head. Elbow and knee pads can help protect them from scrapes and bruises if they fall. And wearing bright clothing can help motorists see them avoid hitting them with their car. So, before your kids head out on their scooters, ensure they have all the necessary safety gear to help keep them safe.

Cheer them on as they take their first scooter ride!

There's nothing quite like watching your kids learn to ride a scooter. After all the bumps and scrapes of learning to balance, they finally make it down the street on their own. It's a big moment! So why not celebrate their success with a fun outing? Take them for ice cream or to the park. And don't forget to cheer them on as they take those first few solo scooter rides. They'll love having their own electric scooter and you'll love knowing they're getting some exercise while having fun. So go ahead and celebrate their accomplishment — they've earned it!

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