Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Tough life. You’re three years old and your days a filled with business meetings and making the “tough” decisions. At the end of a long day in the office, it’s finally time to meet Sandra at the club for a spot of tennis. But how will you get there? Will it be the Ferrari F12 … no, too obnoxious. The Fiat 500? Little too hipster. The Ford Ranger? Nope, too hard to park. What car represents the perfect combination of success and hard work at such a young age you wonder? Of course! The perfect car is the Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Kids Ride On Car with remote control, brought to you by

This exceptional ride on car is at the front of's premium range of electric cars. Constructed using quality materials and finished with a stunning lacquer finish, this G wagon is a perfect replica of the original, just a couple of hundred thousand dollars cheaper! Officially licensed by Mercedes Benz, this ride on car meets the exceptional standard you would expect from this German motoring powerhouse.

Like all premium motorized cars from, this G63 includes all of the luxury gadgets that kids will love and that more importantly, will keep them busy for HOURS. Working doors invite your little one into a world of fun. Featuring a working horn, front and rear headlights, a power button start and pre loaded music at the touch of a button, this motorized car also comes with an audio cable which allows your child to plug in an MP3 player, iPhone or iPod, letting them listen to their favorite tune while driving around.

At, we are all about the safety. The safety matters. The safety stops tears and stopping tears makes more room for smiles. This amazing car provides all of the safety features that you would expect in an electric car from One of these safety features that many people don’t know about is the dual control modes. This Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Kids Ride On Car features two control modes. The first allows your child to use the pedal accelerator to drive the car and use the steering wheel to steer. However, at any time, a parent or supervisor can override the child controls by using the supplied remote control. Other safety features include quality anti-slip and long life treaded tyres, all wheel suspension, sports seat with safety belt and a unique soft speed system to prevent jerky starts or sudden stops, ensuring your little one enjoys many rides.

Power is available in spades thanks to the upgraded 60W twin motor, powered by a 12V battery, allowing speed of between 2 and 5 km/h (depending on weight) and a driving duration of up to two hours.

The Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Kids Ride On Car by sets the benchmark for quality and fun. At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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