Deluxe Police Inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle

Deluxe Police Inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle

Some kids want to be the Dukes of Hazard and some kids want to catch the Dukes of hazard! If you little one enjoy being on the right side of the law, then we may have the perfect gift for your child’s next special occasion. Cue the sirens, the flashing lights and the heavy walk to the electric car that they have just pulled over. are proud to present the Deluxe Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle. This motorcycle is a premium model, meaning that it features all of the gadgets and fun that you would expect to see from an electric car from

As always, let’s start with the motorcycles styling, It’s hard not to see this motorcycle coming towards you given it lights to illuminate a small city. There are 10 lights in total ensuring that your little one can ride this motorcycle from dusk to dawn. Featuring front and rear flashing lights, this car is complemented with a fantastic black and white paint job and also includes decals to give the car a very authentic look. Large headlights and rear tail lights ensure that this bike can be easily driven at dusk, while the included sirens ensures that your little one can annoy the neighbours at any time of the day! Featuring chrome coloured features through the design and a tough overall look, this police bike is suited to the toughest little boy, or the sweetest little girl, assuming of course they intended to shake up the neighbourhood and clean up any bad seeds.

This Deluxe Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle from features a comprehensive dashboard, ensuring that your little one can control everything at the flick of a switch or the push of a button. Starting the motorbike is easy, simply press the power switch to on, and a realistic engine sounds announces that some serious crime fighting is about to go down. To ensure your little one has the courage needed to fight crime, highly recommends that you plug in an iPhone or mp3 player, preferably Guns & Roses November Rain to ensure that they fight crime to a worthy soundtrack. Alternatively, your child can enjoy one of the six pre-loaded tunes, available at the press of a button. Other internal features include both forward and reverse motion foot pedal, and a police horn.

But what happens if the bad guys run? Well, that is no problem with this motorized motorcycle from Powered by a 50W 12V rechargeable battery, this deluxe motorbike ride on can reach a top speed of 7km/h. That is some serious speed and of course, adult, I mean “police captain” supervision is recommended at all times.

At, we understand that Motorbikes are perceived at potentially less safe than a traditional ride on car. However, this motorcycle includes a number of safety features to ensure that your little one can enjoy a different but safe ride on experience. Constructed using a triple wheel design with quality anti slip wheels, this bike can move around on almost all surfaces safely. The simple operation with easy foot step control for your little one to start the motorbike means they can focus their attention on what is in front of them.

A large functional rear storage box allows your child to pack some snacks for the long ride or alternatively provide a place for them to store their haul of confiscated contraband after roaming the neighbourhood and cleaning up the mess.

This Deluxe Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle from will provide hours of entertainment for your little one and offer a different experience from a traditional ride on car. This ride on represents a shout of to the adventures, the pioneers and those kids to live to try something new. At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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