Peg Perego Gaucho Superpower Two Seater Off Road Kids Ride On Car

Peg Perego Gaucho Superpower Two Seater Off Road Kids Ride On Car

You hear the faint squawk of some exotic bird as you race through the jungle, jumping over logs and narrowly avoiding crevasses and wary that around any corner, there could be a pit of quick sand ready to take your last breath. As the sweat pours down your face, you finally see what looks to be a clearing. Is this nightmare finally over? It is possible that McNally was right? Is it conceivable that you may actually get out of this in one piece? As you take a much needed sip of water from the flask you received as a present from a small town fling, you realize that your faith in McNally was never going to be your saviour.

The sound of the brush behind you sends a clear message that danger is on its way. Is this the end? Did you really avoid taco night with the boys last Tuesday because you thought this expedition was going to be walk in the park? You turn around, baited breath, expecting that this moment really is you last chance to redeem a reckless and often careless life. You are sure that nothing can save you now. Your story end here and you’ve decided to accept what lies ahead.

“C’mon! you scream into the lush jungle that seems to envelope every sound you make. You are ready for the end. You are ready to fight until your last breath. You are going to see this through.

As the sound approaches nearer, it seems odd to you that instead of a blood curdling cry, you seem to hear the voice of kids laughing. Is this some sick trick? Are these the voices you will hear before you leave this earthly world?

… Actually no.

This is the sound of two kids driving the incredible Peg Perego Gaucho Superpower Two Seater Kids Ride On Car. While unexpected you can’t help but notice just how well this amazing off road electric car handles the terrain that had nearly ended you just minutes ago. What also catches your attention is the incredible lacquer finish of the paintwork and the decals that scream “I am the king of the jungle, not you pal”, in reference to a tiger that sits carefully perched on a rock overlooking this unusual turn of events.

As you stand before this amazing vehicle, several questions can’t help but run through your mind.

“Where did they get that incredible vehicle”?

“How is a 5 year old able to drive it so smoothly through this jungle terrain”?

… but most importantly.

“Why are there two, seemingly unsupervised 5 year olds sitting in a motorized car by themselves, driving through the most dangerous jungle terrain that you have even experienced in your life.

Well, let’s forget about that last question … clearly there are authorities that need to follow up there. But, we can definitely answer the first two., on conjunction with Peg Perego, are proud to present the Peg Perego Gaucho Superpower Two Seater Kids Ride On Car. This incredible off road car is simple the coolest toy in the world. Powered by a 24v battery and two roaring 340W engines, this beast can tackle any scenario you can imagine (clearly) including over grass, mountain tracks, uneven ground and sand. Featuring rear suspension, rubber coated wheels and three forward moving gears as well as a reverse gear, the ample leg room and padded seats will ensure this is both a fun and comfortable ride. Including a radio that also doubles as a removable portable music player, your little one can experience their next adventure, while listening to their favourite tunes. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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