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Inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador, this kids ride on car is designed to thrill every three year old and above (even mums and dads) in style, looks and ride experience.

Run your hands over the exterior of the ride on car and you can immediately appreciate the impeccable lacquer gloss finish all over. With its signature winged doors, this beauty is simply stunning with its aerodynamic curves and lines.

Inside, the interior is stacked with an array of controls for your child to ride like the real thing with his or her favourite tunes playing through the MP3 connectivity or with the built-in music. An upgraded 70W twin motor that is boosted by a pair of 6.5V 4.5aH batteries will deliver up to two hours of exhilarating fun. Re-charged with the SAA-approved battery charger and repeat the fun with flashing lights and music all through the day (and night).

With its made-for-performance traction tyres, the ride on car hugs the driveway while on the move and the excellent all-wheel suspension ensures all shocks and impacts are absorbed for a smooth cruise on asphalt, cement or grass. Definitely the perfect formula for fun in every possible way.

Unique to this ride on car is the soft speed system that allows for gradual acceleration and deceleration of the ride as an added safety feature. Additional safety comes from a shaped sports seat with seat belt.  

Lamborghini Officially Licensed design
lacquer finish
Winged doors with safety locks
Upgraded 70W twin motor
Striking headlights and reversing lights
Flashing lights with music
MP3 connectivity
Soft speed system
Sports seat with safety belt
Superb control system
Premium tyre performance
SAA-approved battery charger
Single attachment wheel assembly
Suitable for children 3 years and above
Complies with EN71 Standard Safety of Toys

Control mode: Manual or remote
Motor: 50W (2 x 25W)
Battery: 6V4.5AH*2
Speed: 3-8 KM/H, depending on weight
Mode: High / Low
Load capacity: 30kg
Dimension: 98 x 70 x 60cm

Package Contents
1 x Lamborghini Officially Licensed Kids Ride On Car
1 x Battery Charger
1 x User Manual


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