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Custom Personalised Mini License Plates

Make your loved ones’ new ride on stand out from the crowd with a fully customised and personalised miniature license plate.

Our custom license plates are 14cm long and 6cm tall. The plate itself is made from high-quality multi layered PVC plastic, with rounded corners to protect small hands, and is 100% waterproof. The lettering on the license plate is laser inscribed and the finished plate is rated for 5+ years.

Our custom license plates can accommodate at total of 8 letters, numbers or special characters. (including any spaces between the letters or numbers)

Fitting our custom plates is a breeze. Simply secure the mini plate using double sided tape. (not included) No drilling and no mess.

Custom Personalised License Plate Order Checklist:

  1. Select the plate colour combination 
  2. Select the state you want, or select "No State" to leave it blank
  3. Text Options: You can use Letters, Numbers and these Special Characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? < > , . : ;  + ( ) | -
  4. Add your custom name text: maximum 8 characters
  5. Click Add to cart

That’s it. Awesome personalised plate created!

Please Note: 

  • Number plates are sold individually.
  • Your custom personalised license plate will arrive separately to other product(s) you have purchased.
  • All custom personalised plates include FREE Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia
  • Plates are sent via Australia Post standard shipping and will be delivered in line with dynamic delivery schedules. Tracking is not available for this item. We receive confirmation of delivery only. Post dispatch, we have no influence on how quickly Australia Post will deliver this item. Typical delivery is usually between 7-14 business days. 
  • Mini plates are designed to to fit all ride on models. Depending on the ride on these mini plates are applied to, there may be some residual space or overlap.
  • Please note: We are unable to accept mini plate orders that include offensive language, or derogatory terms.

*Colour and appearance of the actual products may differ slightly from those shown on screen.

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