Peg Perego Maxi Excavator Digger Pedal Powered Kids Ride-On | Yellow


There are so many games you can play with the Maxi Excavator! The Maxi Excavator is powerful pedal-operated bulldozer with a chain for children aged 2 and up. Perfect for playing outdoors, trying out new tasks such as digging, carrying and dumping soil, leaves and small objects. The Maxi Excavator’s big powered bucket is operated manually using two different levers to tip it up, dig and pick things up.

The seat and the pedal unit can be adjusted to suit your child now, and as they grow.
Fun horn on the steering wheel.
All the internal mechanics, the pedal unit, chain, cog and axle are made from heavy-duty, anti-corrosion treated iron.
Wheels are equipped with a sculpted tread to allow excellent grip to the ground.
Convenient drinks holder located in front of the seat.

High roll bar guarantees extra protection for the driver, protecting your child from unseen branches when reversing.
The saddle guarantees ample legroom and stability while preventing slipping during acceleration or when stopping.

Age Range: 2+
Terrain Type: Ideal for riding on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, tiles, grass, soil and sand.
Wheels Number: 4
Wheels Type: Sculpted tread.
Material Frame: Anti-corrosion treated iron. PP polypropylene.. PA polyamide.
Dimensions: 136 cm x 63.5 cm x 66.5 cm – 53.50”x 25”x 26”
Weight: 13.7 kg
Maximum transportable weight: 25 kg - 55 lbs
Number of seats: 1
Traction wheels: 1
Object holders: Yes
Sealed base: Yes

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