Peg Perego Maxi Diesel Pedal Powered Kids Tractor with Trailer | Red/Grey


The Maxi Diesel Tractor carries all kinds of things, for all kinds of fun! This pedal-operated tractor with a chain is intended for children aged 2 and up, the perfect companion for days of outdoor fun and games. No limits on your child’s imagination: put everything needed to play into the removable trailer that can carry up to 10 kg in weight.

Chain driven, the Maxi Diesel Tractor has been designed to be moved using pedals. Resembling a real farming tractor, this perfect replica includes all the details found on a full-size working tractor, each element, designed with precision. The tractor features a pedal to move and quickly halt it  for safe manoeuvres. The seat and pedal position is adjustable for height, so you don't have to worry about your kids growing out of this ride on in coming years. Plus, the steering wheel is equipped with a horn, to notify fellow road (or farm) users as your loved one enjoys driving around. The tractor also has a conveniently located cup holder, which can be used to keep a water bottle or sports drink at arms reach on hot days. The tractor is safe for kids between 2-8 years of age, and can be used on most surfaces, including uneven and challenging environments.

Age Range: 2+
Terrain Type: Ideal for riding on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, tiles, grass, soil and sand.
Wheels Number: 4 + 2 (inc. trailer)
Wheels Type: Sculpted tread.
Material Frame: Anti-corrosion treated iron.. PP polypropylene.. PA polyamide.
Dimensions: 171 cm x 63.5 cm x 65 cm – 67.50”x 25”x 25.50”
Weight: 14 kg
Maximum transportable weight: 25 kg (+ 10 kg in trailer) - 55 +22 lbs
Number of seats: 1
Traction wheels: 1
Object holders: Yes
Trailer: Included
Sealed base: Yes

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