Kids Motorbikes

Let your child experience the freedom and exhilaration that only comes from piloting a ride on motorbike — we guarantee you’ll never see bigger smiles!

Whether your little adrenaline buddy loves the look of a sleek, two-wheel ride or they’ve got their eye on a rugged miniature quad, you’ll find the perfect set of wheels here at Ride Ons.

Blow them away with a kids’ ride on motorbike

Good luck finding something cooler than a kids’ ride on motorbike. These awesome electric vehicles come in a range of styles, colours and sizes that are going to wow your kids even before they sit in the driver’s seat. Our ride on motorcycles, quads and other electric vehicles add breathtaking speed and freedom to your kids’ outdoor adventures — even if they’re just driving in the yard.

A ride on motorbike for every age, taste and style

Is your child a firefighting enthusiast? We’ve got a ride on for that! Maybe they love all things pink? You’ll find plenty of motorcycle ride ons in that popular rosy hue. Whatever the ride on you’re looking for, we’ve got something that will please your little one. From smooth and streamlined to tricked-out and tough, quads to three-wheelers and Vespas to motorcycles, you’ll find a variety of fun ride ons in every colour of the rainbow here at Ride Ons.

Best of all, no matter what wheels you choose, you won’t be able to find a better kids’ ride on motorbike anywhere. We’re proud to offer a superior selection of bikes and cars that are more than just awesome to look at — they’re also designed with plenty of features to keep your little adventurer safe while they’re out tearing up the dirt or speeding through the neighbourhood.

Double the fun with our two-seater kids’ ride ons

Get ready for double the fun with our range of two-seater kids’ ride on cars! Our two-seater options take the adventure to the next level, providing hours of entertainment for all those young driving enthusiasts out there.

We stock a range of ride ons designed for two to enjoy, so your little driver can take themselves and their best mate for a spin. Not only will your young driver learn more about operating safely on the road, but they’ll also have the chance to bond with other kids, practice their social interaction and sharing skills and share fun times with people they love.

Shop electric ride on motorbikes at Ride Ons

Calling all car lovers — it’s time to make your kid’s day with an electric ride on motorbike from Ride Ons.

Shop our entire range today and discover awesome electric motorcycles, ride on scooters, quads, go-karts and so much more. There’s no better way to get your kid excited about being active outdoors than with a super special ride on that will make travelling, exploring and adventuring even more fun!

Have questions about our range, delivery or the ordering process? Reach out to our friendly team today; we’re always happy to help you find the best ride on for that special kid in your life.


How old does my child have to be for a ride on motorbike?

Our kids ride on motorbikes are great for children who are at least 3 years old. These motorbikes are a lovely way to help develop their balance, fine motor skills and critical thinking — all while having tons of fun outdoors!

How fast do kids' electric motorcycles go?

Ride on motorcycles can be speedy, though how fast they can go depends greatly on the model. Our bikes for younger riders reach speeds around 4 km/h, while bikes for older kids offer higher speeds of more than 7 km/h. Many of our electric ride ons come with convenient parental controls that allow you to limit how fast the bike can go until you’re sure that your child is ready for higher speeds.

Can you use a ride on motorbike indoors?

If you have the space, go for it! Electric ride ons work best on firm, flat surfaces and definitely require room to manoeuvre safely, so make sure that your child has ample space to drive and isn’t driving too fast to prevent any mishaps.

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