Peg Perego Officially Licensed Polaris 850 Two Seater Kids Ride On Car | Lime/Black

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With its two 340 W engines and the power of 24V/12Ah, it tackles all kinds of terrain with ease. Polaris Sportsman 850 Lime can reach a speed of up to 10 km/h. With plenty of room, even for two passengers, it can climb slopes with a 17% angle.

The Polaris Sportsman 850 is the largest QUAD on a 24V battery licensed by Polaris. This awesome quad is equipped with a progressive gas pedal, shock absorbers, ultra-quiet wheels and increased power to overcome any terrain. 

This Kids Quad Bike features a powerful 24v battery operated motor which delivers immense power to drive on rugged and sloped surface. The quad bike is designed for kids aged 5-8 years, and has space for two kids to ride at once. It has painted with black and lime colour accents plus decals and markings for a mesmerising look. All the details have been crafted precisely, to make it look as realistic as possible. The quad bike has two forward and one reverse gear, which can be switched using a jack gear. The bike can be operated using the pedal on the right side. Plus the automatic brake comes into play when the pedal is released, so the bike ensures the safety of the rider.

This quad bike has a small storage space on the front as well as the back, to let you store bags, toys, or something else you consider relevant. The shock absorbers ensure that every ride is a smooth ride, and the body is made of durable materials to resist dirt and scratches.

A Double Vehicle Designed for Children Above 5 Years of Age.
24V / 12Ah Battery Powered. (Charger Included)
Jack Gear.
Front and Rear Shock Absorbers.
Two Forward Gears. (providing two speeds)
Reverse Gear.
A Smooth Gas Pedal Like In A Car.
Rear Wheel Drive.
Heavy-duty Wheels with Rubber Cap.
Peg Perego "All in One" safe acceleration and braking system. The electric Brake - The Vehicle Halts When the Child Releases the Gas Pedal.
Front and Back Trunk to Carry Luggage.
Short back support for the Passenger.
Body Resistant to Dirt and Scratches.
Realistic Details : eg Headlights, Bumpers, Piping, Wheels, etc.


Age Range: 5+
Terrain Type: Great performance even on slopes and uneven ground
Wheels Number: 4
Wheels Type: Large, all-terrain wheels with synthetic rubber stripfor traction on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement
Material Frame: Anti-corrosion treated iron.. PP polypropylene.. PA polyamide. High density PEHD polyethylene.
Dimensions: 82,5 x 132 x 76,2h cm - 32 ½” x 52” x 30” h
Weight: 35 kg
Maximum transportable weight: 60kg - 132 lbs
Number of seats: 1
Traction wheels: 2
Slope capacity: 17%
Sealed base: Yes
Accelerator Type: Pedal
Motor(s): 1 x 340W (680W total)
Battery Type: 1 24V/12Ah sealed no-maintenance lead-acid battery, included in the package
Alkaline batteries: 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries (not provided).. 3 button LR44 1.5V batteries (included)
Battery charger: 1 24V battery charger, included in the package
Battery duration: 45 min*

*The battery duration is indicative and may vary depending on how the toy is used and the surfaces upon which it is used. The indicated time is the result obtained if the battery is used at 3/4 of its capacity on a flat and compact surface, and at 1/4 of its capacity on an uneven or inclined terrain.

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