Introducing The Ride On Kids’ Collection Of Scooters

Introducing The Ride On Kids’ Collection Of Scooters

What kid doesn't love skipping down the sidewalk, whizzing past their friends and feeling like they're flying? Answer this need for speed in your kid with our latest ranger range of super-cool scooters for all ages. From toddlers learning to balance to preteens showing off their bi-pedal prowess, we stock kids' scooters from some of the best automotive brands. Our collection of high-quality scooters is sure to offer optimal stability, stylish designs and unlimited levels of high-speed fun! Let's find the perfect scooter for your little adventurer today!

Best scooter for 1-year-olds

  • Kids Retro Wooden Toy Scooter Push Car — Designed with a unique feature on the back that prevents it from tipping over, this retro kids scooter allows children as young as 12 months old to enjoy playtime as they grow. Promoting early walking and improving self-confidence, this classic-looking push car has been kitted out with vibrant colours in the trademark style of Vilac. With all those hours of delightful play ahead, it makes for a wonderful gift for any 1-year-old kid. Vilacs has been creating this beautiful product since 1911, continuously upgrading them with modern features to ensure they never go out of fashion.

Best scooter for 2-year-olds

  • BERG Nexo Kids 3 Wheel Scooter — Crafted from only the highest quality materials, it's an absolute winner for little adventurers. The features include a sleek design, three wheels for extra stability, ergonomic push brakes and strong handles. The adorable lights in the front tire do not require a battery, as it's self-charging! 

To keep up with your growing adventurer, there's also an adjustable steering lock to help your child master the art of scooting. Plus, you can choose from four eye-catching colour choices. With a maximum capacity of 30 kg, this truly is the best in quality and mobility. 

Best scooters for kids 3 years old and above

  • Peg Perego Officially Licensed Vespa Kids Ride On Scooter — Children can mimic adults on real Vespas' having a dashboard that’s a faithful replica of the Granturismo Vespa. It even has a cool little glove compartment under the handlebar. 

Approved by none other than Piaggio & Co. SpA, this electric motorbike sports a 12-Volt rechargeable battery, rubber hand grips, a stylish headlamp, reversing lights, authentic rear view mirrors and simple step control.

  • Vino Inspired Kids Ride On Car Scooter — Featuring a triple-wheel construction for added stability, a striking headlight and a soft speed system that ensures smooth accelerating and braking, this scooter is great for kids transitioning from beginners to master little drivers. 

It has anti-slip wheels and rearview mirrors for safer use. Advanced features include nine different built-in songs, USB and card slots, volume control and a battery indicator.

Best scooters for the older kids 

6-12 year-olds

  • Ninebot Kids eKickscooter E8 Personal Transport by SEGWAY — Built with an electric power assistance mode, this kids' scooter makes it simple to select the right riding level for your kid. All you have to do is click a button on the scooter and activate the safe mode. This allows you to limit the speed of your novice rider. As your kid becomes more confident, they can kick off in cruise mode with an extra speed boost from the trusty thumb throttle. 

8-14 years old

  • Ninebot Kids eKickscooter E10 Personal Transport by SEGWAY — With this kid’s scooter, all riders, even novices with still-developing balance, feel confident and safe due to the combination of a manual handbrake and an electronic front, push-down rear fender brake set. 

This scooter can also be folded in an impressive three seconds thanks to its lightweight 8.5kg material — allowing for easy storage until the next time your kid feels adventurous. 

Find the best scooters for kids aged 1 to 14 here at RideOns Australia 

RideOns Australia has a great selection of electric kids’ scooters at affordable prices. We stock a range of motorised and non-motorised cars and motorcycles for kids to enjoy their outdoor playtime. We offer free delivery anywhere in Australia and dispatch within 24 hours. You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay or Laybuy. If you have any questions about our products, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help and ensure you find the perfect scooter for your kid. 

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