7 Reasons Why Electric Quad Bikes Are The Perfect Toys For Kids

7 Reasons Why Electric Quad Bikes Are The Perfect Toys For Kids

If you’re that parent looking for something that will tempt your kid to go out and enjoy the fresh air outdoors instead, you’ve just run into the guide on how to do so!

When it comes to adventuring and truly exploring all the greatness that the outdoors has to offer, riding electric quad bikes is one of the most popular choices for a whole host of reasons. We know that, as parents, you want your kids to be happy, active, healthy and safe — therefore, the thought of them off-roading might put you off the idea of a quad bike.

The truth is, as long as you make sure that your kid is wearing the right gear and you’ve taught them how to ride responsibly — quad riding can be a safe and fun way to embrace the sunshine outdoors! In fact, one of the reasons that electric quad bike riding is so popular is because it’s something that both complete novices and experienced experts can enjoy.

Now let’s look at some reasons why electric quad bikes are a great gift idea for kids.

It gets kids out into the great outdoors

We already mentioned this, but it's worth repeating. We live in a digital world where we use devices of all shapes and sizes for everything from watching movies to monitoring our health. A natural side effect of this is a reliance on electric power — and therefore being indoors. Dragging your kid away from their digital entertainment is a lot easier when the outdoor activity is this much fun!

They’re great confidence boosters

Kids grow their confidence when they have a safe way to explore things that might be a little bit scary to them. And no matter how much they love speed, riding a quad bike or electric motorbike on their own for the first time is sure to give them a rush of adrenaline. As their riding skill improves with time and they learn that there’s a safe place to push their limits — their self-confidence will soar!

They help your kids learn discipline

While the ATV ride-on quad bikes for kids that we here at RideOns Australia sell only reach a top speed of around 8 km/h, accidents can happen if your child isn’t careful while riding it. Teaching them that they need to ride safely at all times will help them to learn discipline and also that there are consequences for every action — whether good or bad!

They encourage group play and family time

Electric quad bikes for kids are affordable enough that you could buy one for each of your children, but any kid aged 3 years and older can operate one. This means you can also buy just one and supervise your kids while they take turns. With around 1-2 hours of riding time per full charge, it will teach your kids about fairness and sharing.

They help develop fine motor skills

Riding a kids’ electric quad bike is not just about climbing on, stepping on the pedal and heading off around the backyard. Your kid will have to learn to keep their balance and keep the quad stable while they are riding it. The rider will have to move with the unit to do this, which involves standing up, sitting down and squatting. In other words — they do a whole lot of physical activity to improve their posture.

They teach kids that practice makes perfect

As with any performance-related activity, the skill to ride an electric quad only comes with time. And the more they practice, the better they get and the more they will be able to do. They will learn that the more work they put in, the more reward they get out. And when they achieve something that they’ve been practising, it will boost their confidence.

They provide years of entertainment

Electric quad bikes for kids come in a variety of sizes and most can be ridden by children as young as just 3 years old. Depending on what size quad you buy initially, your child will be able to play with it for 3 to 4 or more. That’s a one-time low-cost investment for literally years worth of sun-filled fun.

Shop for your kid’s electric quad bike today

If you’re looking for a fantastic gift that your child will love for years, consider getting them one of our stunning 12V ATV electric ride-on quads. They’re safe outdoor fun for kids of all ages.

Head over to RideOn Australia and shop our selection of electric quad bikes, push cars, electric ride-on cars, pedal go-karts, balance bikes and more today!

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