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Motorized Bicycles For Kids: A Guide To Safe Riding Practices

It’s never too early to start your child’s journey of adventure with their very own set of wheels, so long as you can ensure they remain safe on the road. Introducing motorized bicycles or toy motorbikes — they offer all the appeal and fun of a grownup bike without sacrificing bike safety. They’re the ultimate gift for kids craving a little independence and plenty of excitement on their own cool ride.

How do motorized bicycles differ from non-motorized bicycles?

Here at RideOns, we have motorized and non-motorized bicycles for kids as young as 1 year old. The main difference is how you make the bike go — motorized bicycles are battery-operated, while non-motorized bicycles need to be pedalled or pushed forward to move. 

Don’t be discouraged by the words ‘motorized’ or ‘battery-operated.’ Electric bikes for kids are completely safe! Depending on the model, they’re designed to maintain a very low speed.

For instance, the Harley Davidson Inspired Kids Ride on Motorbike runs at 2.5 to 3 km/h. Our dual-speed models, like the Peg Perego Outlaw Kids Ride On Quad Motorcycle have a maximum speed of 3.5km/h on low gear and 7.4 km/h on high gear. They also come with parental speed locks to provide an additional level of control and bike safety

7 essential motorized bike safety tips for kids

Motorized bicycles are cool, but bike safety is way cooler! Here are our top tips on how you can keep young riders confident and safe on the road: 

  • Choose an age-appropriate motorized bicycle
  • Riding a toy motorbike helps kids develop balance and coordination. They need these gross motor skills to keep the bike upright and steer it. While it’s too early for toddlers to start riding a kid’s electric bike, children aged three and older can begin to enjoy them. 

    All of the motorized bicycles on our site are suitable for the preschool age. Not only are three-year-olds already more comfortable with basic motor skills, but they have a greater ability to control their toy motorbike at their height and weight.

  • Master basic riding skills
  • Before you get your kid started on a motorized bicycle, it’s a good idea to master basic riding skills on a balance bike. They may be non-motorized, but they totally help your kid understand how to control a bike and coordinate steering. 

    You should also teach them how to mount and dismount, speed up, slow down and brake on their exciting new ride. 

  • Wear protective gear
  • It’s basic bike safety protocol, even for adults, to always be equipped with the right protective equipment. A padded safety helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are crucial for going bike riding. They protect your child from injuries, scrapes and bruises in case they fall. Additionally, protective gear boosts your child’s confidence to step out of their comfort zone and explore on their motorized bicycle!

  • Set speed limits
  • Thanks to our parental speed locks, you can be confident that your child maintains a safe speed limit when they go on electric bike rides. Get your kid comfortable with a lower speed limit until they develop enough control, confidence and skill to maximise the speed of their motorized bike.

  • Educate kids on road safety
  • The age of three is never too young to educate your kids on responsible riding practices. Teach them to look both ways before crossing the street, to be cautious of other vehicles and pedestrians and what road signs mean. 

    Even if traffic laws do not yet apply to electric bikes for kids, instil good habits from an early age and prepare them for future road riding experiences. 

  • Ride in safe environments
  • Whether it’s on your driveway or at the park, you should always pick an environment that has the least amount of hazards for your little rider. Avoid high-traffic areas, crowded roads and dangerous paths when exploring on your bikes to minimise the risk of falling or accidents.

  • Keep an eye on your child
  • The age of three — or whatever age you decide to get a kid’s electric bike — is still too young to leave a little rider on their own. Even with all the bike safety tips above, the most important piece of advice we can give is to supervise your children on their bike rides at all times. 

    Explore our range of motorized bikes your kids will love

    If you’re in the market for a thrilling gift for your child, our motorized bikes on RidesOn are right for you. These battery-powered low-speed bikes come in various cool designs — some are inspired by bikes for grownups! They give your kids a taste of adventure, independence and confidence without sacrificing their safety.

    Choose from the awesome range of kids’ motorized bikes on our site. Whether your kid aspires to be a firefighter, a police officer or a cartoon character, we have models that cater to the unique and wonderful desires kids have. Shop our motorized bikes today and get free delivery anywhere in Australia.
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