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5 Benefits Of Balance Biking For Kids

Teaching your kids how to ride a bike is more than a fun family pastime that doesn’t involve screens. It’s one of the best things you can do to support their growth, development and overall well-being. Children as young as age 2 can benefit from balance bike riding as a form of daily exercise, and if you encourage a love of cycling at an early age, they can reap the long-term rewards of a valuable life skill. 

5 benefits of bike riding for kids

If you’re a parent considering getting a kid’s ride on bike for your toddler, here are five ways balance bike riding can enhance their overall well-being at a young age:

It improves their physical fitness

If you’re worried that your child is getting too much screen time and too little exercise, balance bike riding is an excellent way to get them physically active. It improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

Even without pedals, balance bike riding is more challenging for toddlers than you think! They learn how to push themselves forward using their legs and arms, which helps them develop a strong and healthy musculoskeletal system.

It develops balance and control

Balance bike riding doesn’t involve the coordination you need to pedal a bike, but it does require balance and control. Kids can learn to improve these fundamental gross motor skills by trying to stay upright and move forward. 

It’s a great way to target one bike riding skill at a time before your little rider is ready for a big kids' ride on bike — where they can work on coordination through pedalling while steering.

It boosts concentration and cognitive development

Kids’ brains get stimulated by balance bike riding, too! It requires one’s full attention to maintain balance, enhancing concentration skills in children. By avoiding obstacles, they also learn spatial awareness, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

It encourages social interaction

Balance bike riding can be a social activity, especially when shared with family and friends. They can practice communication skills when they give verbal or non-verbal signals on the road. Balance bike riding also gives them a new experience to talk about with their playmates, classmates and family.

It enhances their mental well-being

The benefits of balance bike riding go beyond the physical — it also has a profound impact on children’s mental well-being. As a form of exercise, it stimulates the release of endorphins or ‘feel good’ hormones. They boost our mood and relieve stress and anxiety, which many children today experience.

Balance bike riding also helps kids explore outside of their comfort zone. Through outdoor activities like cycling, they can build a connection with nature and develop independence. And let’s face it — it’s just fun for kids and the entire family to go on bike rides!

Encourage your kid’s love for bike riding with balance bikes

Most kids are naturally attracted to bike riding, but some require a little encouragement. To help foster a love of cycling at an early age, here are some things you can do: 

Start them young

Introduce your children to bike riding with balance bikes and establish a healthy habit of physical activity early. They are great starters for toddlers and preschool-aged children who are still refining their motor skills. Before you know it, they’ll be zipping around on a pedal bike!

Make balance bike riding a social activity

Plan family bike rides to the park where everyone can share the experience of riding outdoors. Register your kid in local cycling groups that cater to their age group, giving them an opportunity to interact with children who share the same interest. Or, make balance bike riding a play date activity with your kid’s neighbour or schoolmate to find ways to make cycling more fun and social.

Create cycling challenges and adventures

One way to engage your kids in balance bike riding is to gamify it. In a safe environment, set obstacles to avoid, a distance to reach or speed to achieve. Give rewards when they achieve goals — but even if they don’t, remember to praise the effort they put into it!

Let them personalise their kid’s bike

Kids want a balance bike they can ride proudly, and the best way to give them that is to let them personalise their ride. You can even make a family activity out of customising your kid’s balance bike! Together you can design with colourful tape, give the balance bike a paint job, attach some tassels to the handle or add a personalised mini licence plate.

Provide equipment you can trust

Get your kid a properly fitted balance bike and protective gear to ensure their comfort and safety. A helmet, knee pads and elbow pads can protect your child in case they fall. Not only will trustworthy equipment avoid creating a traumatic experience, but it will also boost their confidence when they go balance bike riding.

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