Mercedes Benz AMG GT R Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Mercedes Benz AMG GT R Licensed Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Vroom! Sounds like a sports car? That’s because it is a sports car. But not any sports car. This is the pinnacle of European design and German engineering. This is the product of more than 80 years or motoring history, combined with the need to create memories to those in high society who demand the very best. are proud to present one of our premium motorized ride on cars. are proud to present the Officially Licensed Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster Kids Ride On Car.

Now, between us, we know that Mercedes don’t put their name on just anything. More specifically, they certainly don’t put their name on a big piece of plastic for kids. But, what they do allow, is for a quality ride on company to create an identical replica of their highest performance street car for the purposes of letting all those Mercedes enthusiasts enjoy a special moment with their children.

This understated beast of a ride on car is for those in life who love the very best. With the speed and handling of a Ferrari but the styling of a Manolo Blahnik, this Officially Licensed Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster Kids Ride On Car is the cream of the crop within the Mercedes range of licensed ride on cars for your little one. Available on black and candy pink (a.k.a. “Look at me” pink) the outside of this car is hard to beat for both looks and practicality. Featuring a beautiful, high lacquer paint finish, this Mercedes looks like the real thing and more importantly, is easy to keep clean after a messy day in the park or backyard. Rich paintwork and lots of chrome finishes ensures that this beauty glistens in the sunlight and ensures that your little one is noticed in the playground.

Opening the working doors invites your little one to enjoy everything that a premium electric car has to offer. This is not one of those eBay specials designed to work for a couple of days before retiring to the end of the yard to die. No, no. This kids ride on car from is designed to last but more importantly, make the experience of driving a motorized car as special as possible for the mini driver. The dashboard features a push button start (yeah, you actually push a button to start the engine) which plays realistic engine sounds to simulate the engine starting up. Built in songs with flashing lights, a working horn and an MP3 connection, allowing your child to cruise while listening to their favourite tune are also included. The dashboard is also where you will find the forward and reverse motion controls.

At, we love fun and we love ride on cars. But it’s also really important to us that while driving, these little people are as safe as possible. The beauty of buying a premium electric car is that the Officially Licensed Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster Kids Ride On Car comes with everything, literally. Safety features include a shaped driver’s seat with adjustable safety belt, anti-slip tyres and premium suspension. This unique suspension ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.

How fast does it go, do I hear you say? Well it goes, know that. This ride on is installed with twin motors for improved speed and can reach a speed of 5 km/h depending on the size of the child riding the car and the driving surface. Speed is achieved via the two (yes two) 6V4.5AH batteries, driving two (yes two) 15W motors.

The greatest feature of any premium ride on car is the parental remote control. This handheld unit allows you to take over control of the speed or direction of the car at the push of a button. Perfect for situations where your little one finds themselves in hot water and particularly useful when you see a direct line between the path of the ride on and your elderly parent coming down the garden path with a cup of oolong tea.

It just doesn’t get any better than this one. #lookatme. # buyitnow. At we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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