Harley Davidson Inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike Motorcycle

At RideOns.com.au, we push the limits of fun. We know what kids love and we know that parents love their kids. In maybe the coolest coming together of two amazing elements, RideOns.com.au are proud to present the Harley Davidson Highway Patrol inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike, finished with police styling. Yes, you heard correct, we combined a Harley Davidson with a police motorcycle. Can it ever get any cool than that? Let me answer that for you, no it cannot.

The look of this Harley Davidson Highway Patrol inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike is second to none. For those of us who can remember, this bike channel the spirit of “Chips Rafferty”, just about the coolest police vehicle in television history.

Let your little one cruise along the sidewalk in style with this ride on bike.  Supervised of course. The unique wheel base of this tricycle means that it is suitable for most surfaces and can be enjoyed at home, at the park or on a sidewalk.

Constructed with triple wheels for added safety and stability, it will be a safe and fun ride no matter the weather. Built under the strict EN71 standard safety of toys, it features an SAA approved battery charger to ensure that the motorcycle can charge efficiently and effectively every time. Additional safety features include a simple accelerator control which ensure that your little one can quickly learn how to accelerate. Anti-slip and long life threaded wheels mean that they will not require maintenance after the first drive (like many cheaper alternatives), while the working front headlights mean that your child can be seen at all times.

Purchasing a motorbike ride on from RideOns.com.au is quite special. When your loved one is driving a motorised ride on car they are developing their core motor and cognitive abilities, even more so than in a traditional car design. Time spent playing in a ride on car will further develop a child’s spatial awareness and improve their reaction times to events happening around them. This is again enhanced with the introduction of a three wheeler. Motor skills, including their hand-eye coordination are further developed, as are their problem-solving skills as the environment around them provides challenges that require more complex thinking.  All of these elements are elevated with the selection of a motorbike style ride on, but the reward and development are also increased.

Built with a quality 6V batter powering a 15W motor, this Harley Davidson Highway Patrol inspired Kids Ride On Electric Motorbike will keep driving for up to 2 hours per full charge. Depending on the size of the child and the surface that they are driving on, the motorcycle will drive at up to 3 km/h, fast enough to experience a thrill ride as a little kid but slow enough that parents can keep up with a brisk walk and able to help their child learn and become more advanced at driving this motorized motorcycle.

At RideOns.com.au we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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