Having trouble with your new ride on? There are a number of important steps required to ensure your ride on will operate correctly. Please review and action these common troubleshooting steps below to resolve your issue. *If you are still having difficulty, we are here to help, so please contact us for assistance using the form below. We WILL get back to you to assist further as soon as we can. 

My ride on will not turn on, start or operateMy ride on will not turn on, start or operate?

Reason #1

Typically, when a ride on won't power up, it is an issue with the battery [charging] and/or the battery connection. *All our ride on products are delivered with the positive [+] battery terminal disconnected. This is to avoid a live battery creating heat during transport to you. To protect the positive [+] battery terminal, the terminal is covered with a small plastic cap [see image below]. This cap must be removed prior to connecting the red wire to the positive [+] battery terminal. 

Please also note that the positive [+] battery terminal wire must be connected prior to the battery being charged. The battery will not charge if either wire is not connected to the battery.

RideOns Troubleshooting Terminal

Reason #2

Most of our ride on products must be charged for 8 - 12 hours the first time the battery is charged. Subsequent charges should be at least 8 hours to ensure a full battery charge. *This is important because 80 per cent of the batteries charge occurs in the last 20 per cent of charging time. This means that if you charge the battery for just a couple of hours the battery will not have enough power stored to drive the ride on.

*We also recommend fully charging your ride on's battery prior to being stored to ensure the battery doesn't go completely flat while not in use. This will extend the life of the battery and assist with charging when the ride on is used again.

Reason #3

Are you trying to start your ride on with the AC charger still connected to your ride on? The charging cable must be completely removed from your ride on otherwise your ride on will not operate. Why? All our ride on models have a built-in safety feature that prevent your ride on from starting/driving while still connected to the AC adaptor. This prevents the AC charger being damaged.

Ride On OperationIf one of the above troubleshooting steps has not resolved your issue, there are a couple of other reasons that may explain why your ride on will not operate. Please review these below. 

Power Button Operation

Some of our ride on models are equipped with push-button start. These models have a large start button that must be depressed in order to start the ride on. Crucially, some of our ride on models require that the start button be depressed for up to 5 seconds BEFORE the ride on will begin the start up procedure. Some models also have a power [on/off] button that must be located in the 'on' position prior to the start button being depressed in order to activate the ride on into driving mode.

Safety Mode Activated

Most of our ride on models that come with a remote controller are equipped with a 'safety' or 'stop' button located on the remote controller unit. When the 'safety' or 'stop' button is depressed, the ride on will immediately cease to function and come to a complete stop. This feature is designed to protect the driver in an emergency situation and all functions on both the remote controller and within the ride on car will cease to work. In order to reset both the ride on and the remote controller, you will need to follow the safety mode reset procedure outlined in your instruction manual. Once completed, your ride on will resume normal operation. 

Charging your ride on correctly

All of our ride ons are supplied with an Australian AC adaptor charger. You will know that your ride on is charging correctly when the light on the charging unit is lit up red when first connected. When the charge is compete, the AC charger will be lit up green. *Please Note: We recommend that you time your charging cycles each time the battery is charged as most new batteries take several charges and discharges to attain full capacity. Relying on only the green light may limit the lifetime amount of charge the battery can hold.

Before charging please double check that you have connected all the unconnected wires correctly [per the instruction manual]; and ensure that you have removed the plastic tab cover on the positive [+] terminal of the battery prior to connecting the red battery wire.

Pairing your Remote ControllerI cannot operate my ride on using the remote controller.

If your ride on has been supplied with a remote controller, you will need to pair the remote controller with the ride on in order to operate it using the remote controller. This process is called 'pairing' and is similar to how you would pair your mobile phone with a portable speaker, or to your car. Each remote control unit has a slightly different pairing process and this sequence will be outlined in your instruction manual. We've also provided a link below to a video that details the pairing process for our most popular remote controller models

*We also recommend using Alkaline batteries in your remote controller and removing them if the remote controller is being stored for an extended period of time.  

My ride on is missing partsOur suppliers and manufacturers are generally very reliable in supplying ride on models that are complete. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, a ride on may be supplied with a part missing. This generally happens at the manufacturing stage, but damage to cartons while in transit can also result is parts missing from the box. If you believe your ride on has arrived with a missing part(s) please first review the below steps to ensure the parts are definitely missing.

Have you thoroughly checked underneath the body of the ride on, underneath the seat, inside the bonnet and/or trunk? Often, our suppliers will pack/place components and parts into the body of the vehicle to minimise space for efficient transporting.

Have you thoroughly checked through all of the packaging that was inside the box with your ride on. *Often cardboard pieces that are used to stop your ride on from moving while in the box also contain parts or components required for assembly.

If you have thoroughly checked both the ride on and the box and still cannot locate the required part(s), please contact us using the form below so we can organise for replacement parts to be sent to you. *In order to expedite this process, please send us through and image of the parts register in your instruction manual that clearly indicates which part(s) is/are missing. You can do this by circling the parts required and then taking a photograph. Please also send us through an image of all the parts you have received as our supplier will require this in order to lodge a part(s) replacement claim.

Need more help?

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