Having trouble with your new ride on vehicle? Please review these common troubleshooting issues to resolve your problem. 

My new ride on won't turn on.

Typically, when a ride on won't power up, it is an issue with the battery and/or battery connection. All our ride on products are delivered with the battery disconnected. This is to avoid a live battery creating heat, and subsequent fire. To protect the battery terminal(s), they are covered with a small plastic cap [see image below]. This cap must be removed prior to connecting the red wire to the battery. 

How do I know if my new ride on is charging correctly?

All of our ride ons are supplied with and AC adaptor charger. You will know that your ride on is charging correctly when the light on the charging unit is lit up green. If when connected to the ride on and charging, the light on the charger unit is red, the battery is not receiving charge. Please double check that you have connected all the unconnected wires correctly [per the instruction manual]; and ensure that you have removed the plastic tab cover on the positive terminal of the battery [prior to connecting the red battery wire]