Police & Emergency Ride On Vehicles

If your child like to rescue cats from trees, walk old ladies across the road or even put out pretend fires than our range of police and emergency ride on vehicles is the perfect place to find the right ride. Welcome to our police and emergency vehicle ride on collection. 

Police and emergency vehicles offer very unique experiences and encourage your loved one to engage with their environment in a way that is very different from a traditional ride on car. Whether it is turnig on their police sirens or firing the bubble cannot to put out pretend fires, these police and emergency vehicles are a great adventure.    

Will my child actually arrest someone in their police ride on ?

Yes, probably. Once those sirens are on and the ride on is one the move, we cannot guarantee that there won't be citizens arrests. If you are worried about a series of unfortunate arrests, then we have plenty of other options for you. Check out our range of sports ride ons, SUV ride ons or even our pedal cars for a completely different set of adventures.  

What if you are looking for a specific colour? 

Colour is probably the most important consideration for any child. Its critical. If you have a specific colour in mind for your ride on then why not browse our ride ons range by colour. Take a tour of our most popular colours which include our black ride on, white ride on, pink ride on and red ride on collections. 

Custom Mini Plates for your Police or Emergency Ride on

Our great range of custom mini plate from RideOns.com.au allows you to turn your police or emergency ride on into a unique ride. The custom mini plates can be attached at the rear or front of all of our range of ride ons. Just another way that we make sure your child has a magical experience with RideOns.com.au.

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