Shop Ride Ons with Remote Control

Why buy a ride on with a remote control?

Remote control ride ons are perfect for those kids who can be a littler over cautious, but also for those kids who are not cautious at all! A remote control ride on allows the parent or adult to take over control of the ride on at anytime, giving you absolute control over the direction or speed. Perfect in those "watch out for Grandma" situations, our remote control ride on cars feature all of the important functions and safety features that would expect from a quality ride on car, plus "God mode".

Can my remote control ride on car be used without the remote control?

Yes, all ride ons that come with a parental remote control can be used with or without the remote control unit. This allows confident kids to drive by themselves while ensuring that less confident kids can practice by being driven around first.

Remote control for everyone!

At, we recognise the importance of adult supervision and we have therefore sourced a wide variety of remote control ride on models. These include sports cars, SUV's, motorbikes, construction and emergency vehicles as and everything in between.


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