Check out our Officially Licensed Ride Ons !

If you are looking for the closest ride on to the real thing then you have found your way to the right collection. The most famous car manufactures in the world realise that a passion for luxury cars begins with a passion for luxury ride on cars. Made with the highest quality materials available and featuring beautiful designed, our officially licensed ride on are the best on the market. Welcome to our officially licensed ride on collection.    

What type of Officially Licensed Ride Ons are there ?

We have officially licensed ride on in all make and models. Whether you are looking for an officially licensed Lamborghini sports car, an officially licensed Mercedes Benz SUV, an officially licensed Claas tractor, or even an officially licensed McLaren quad bike, we have you covered.  

Will my kids BMW X5 Ride On be the same colour as mine ? 

Yep. Our officially licensed range of ride on cars take colour very seriously. We strive to make sure that our luxury models not only look like the real thing but also share the same colour palette as the real thing. If you check out the names of officially licensed ride ons, you will find Rosa red, Bianco white, Nero black and Giallo yellow.

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