Mercedes Ride-On Cars

If you’ve got a youngster who is fascinated by motor vehicles and loves to pretend they’re the person driving every time they’re in the car with you, then the new licensed Mercedes Benz electric ride-on toy car from RideOns Australia is exactly the right gift for them. And just like a real Mercedes, these stunning ride-on Mercedes kids’ cars are more than JUST a car — they’re stylishly designed electric kid's vehicles with stunning accessories that make you want to buy one for yourself (adult sized of course!).

Licensed Mercedes Benz ride-on cars for kids

Officially licensed by Mercedes Benz, there is a range of Mercedes electric ride-on cars to choose from, including those inspired by the G65 AMG, the AMG GT R, the AMG GL 63 and more. Aspiring drivers will adore their Mercedes ride-on toy car and spend hours outdoors just to play with them. Since they are small enough for toddlers to ride comfortably, learning to operate one of these 12V Mercedes ride-on cars will help them develop both fine motor skills and their confidence to explore the world.

With that impressively distinctive and bold styling that Mercedes is known for, these Mercedes kids' ride-on cars with remotes ensure that your little one is always under your protection — even as they zoom down the driveway at a moderate (but speedy for them) 5 km/h.

Mercedes ride-on toy car equipped with safety features your child needs

Solid build quality ensures their durability, while twin motors provide exhilarating performance. Additional safety features of the Mercedes kids’ car are their smooth acceleration that prevents jerks and sudden stops, all-wheel suspension to provide a smooth ride at all times, premium slip-resistant tires and a fully adjustable seatbelt to keep your kiddo safely strapped in while they enjoy the freedom and fun that only your own four wheels can provide.

Other functions of the Mercedes electric car with remote from RideOns Australia include working LED headlights and reverse lights, a horn to beep people out of the way of their fun, a functional dashboard with battery indicator, a working MP3 player and reverse and forward “gears”.

Shop the best and latest Mercedes ride-on toy cars from RideOns Australia

Who doesn’t love a good ride-on a toy car? With RideOns Australia, you’ll get free delivery anywhere in Australia and no surprises when it lands at the front door. Our most unique claim is that the price on the screen is the exact price you pay — no hidden fees to worry about.

Add to that fast dispatch within 24 hours and payment options like Afterpay and Laybuy available storewide and you have yourself a winning combination of convenience and fun. Plus, with our wide selection of Mercedes ride-on cars, your kids will be sure to have the coolest car on the block! Have questions? Contact us — we’d be happy to help.

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How do you charge a Mercedes Benz toy car?

The licensed Mercedes ride-on cars from RideOns Australia all come with an SAA-approved battery charger with an indicator light. If you’re still in the process of assembling the Mercedes toy car, then simply plug the charger port into the input socket on the battery and connect the charger to any standard wall socket. Once assembled, the input socket of the battery is located under the seat of the car.

How many volts are in a kid's ride-on car?

Electric ride-on toy cars need battery power of between 6 and 24 volts and most models that you buy will come with 6V, 12V or 24V batteries. All of the ride-on Mercedes kid's cars sold by RideOns Australia are 12V models, although we do offer a 24V 12Ah international replacement battery.

How long does a toy car battery last?

This will depend entirely on the size of the battery in a toy car, as well as how the car is being used. The 12V models available from RideOns Australia provide between one and two hours of playtime at a full charge.

Where can I charge my kid's Mercedes car?

As mentioned before, you can charge your kid's ride-on car using the SAA-approved battery recharger provided and any standard electrical wall socket.

Where do I plug in my Mercedes toy car?

The SAA-approved battery recharger needs to be connected to any standard wall socket and the recharging cable plugged into the battery input is located under the seat of the Mercedes kid's ride-on car.

How long does it take to charge a toy electric car?

The charge time for the 12V battery that powers the licensed Mercedes ride-on car is 6-8 hours, assuming the battery was run completely flat before you started charging it. Charge it fully before using it the first time and try not to let your youngsters drain the battery completely to extend its life. It is also good practice to disconnect the battery from the power terminals when the ride-on Mercedes is not in use.

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