Track Star 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike

Track Star 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike

Time to get your little one moving! If you are ready to share an adventure with your child, wanting to see them develop their motor skills and have some serious fun at the same time, then boy, do we have the right ride on. are proud to present the Track Star 12 Inch Kids Balance range of bikes. The premium balance bikes are not like the cheap knock offs that you will find in larger (to be unnamed) department stores. These specialized bikes have been built specifically to ensure that your little one is able learn how to both balance and equip themselves with the tools to be start working to being able to ride a bike all by themselves.

Why start with a balance bike? Well, the simple answer is because it is just fun but the real answer talks to the development of your child’s skill set that will allow them to continue to develop into more challenging activities, in this case, graduating to riding a bike. When your loved one is learning to navigate a balance bike, they are developing their core motor and cognitive abilities. Time spent playing on a balance bike will further develop a child’s spatial awareness [their relationship with the surrounding environment] and improve their reaction times to events happening around them. Motor skills, including their hand-eye coordination are further developed, as are their problem-solving skills as the environment around them provides challenges that require more complex thinking.  

At, we love the cognitive and core motor skills development, like, a lot. We also realize that there are some more practical reason why a Track Star 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike makes a great gift for any child. In these days of electronic rule, let’s all just take a moment to be honest with each other, sometimes it is just nice to encourage your child to explore the real world, not the digital world. Balance bikes need to be used outside (unless you don’t mind the odd ding around the inside of your home) and it means that your little one is both connecting with nature but also getting critically important physical activity. A balance bikes is the perfect way for your child to explore the real world, while taking a break from their digital devices. Few outdoor activities yield the same level of excitement and/or fun that a balance bike will deliver.

Let’s talk about that. Physical activity is often viewed as “keep em quiet or occupied” but the reality is much more important to your child’s health. Crucially, the active nature of balance bikes further develop your child’s fitness and muscular endurance, which in turn works to improve their health and wellbeing. So yes, let’s all draw one of those circle diagrams and start with “fun”, leading to “exercise”, leading to “brain and muscular development” leading back to “fun” for another go around. It really is that simple and few toys encourage your little one to physical activity that leads to active growth and development.

Having said all that, it is absolutely true that a Track Star 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike will never run out of power! Your child can spend more time playing outdoors with friends and less time driving you crazy indoors!

This special balance bike is ultra light weight and portable and is built with durable power coated steel to stand up to robust use. It comes with great features including adjustable handle bars, padded seats, built-in footrests, quick release lock for easy adjustments and EVA tyres that need NO pumping up. Fantastic start for your little track star. 

So if you are considering a balance bike then look no further. At, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our customer service.

At we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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