Star Wars BB8 Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control

Star Wars BB8 Inspired Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control | Orange/White

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away … well, not so far away, based in Melbourne actually. And not long ago at all, in fact, at, we’ve only been selling this awesome Star Wars BB8 inspired Kids Ride On Car for about 12 months. This electric car is an absolute winner. Let your child run wild, like Luke Skywalker on the desert world of Tatooine, using BB8 (R2D2 slightly less well known little brother) as their vehicle to fight off the evil empire or other children, animals, elderly citizen or anyone else who dares get in the way of their date with destiny.

Ok, that was a little heavy. For those Star Wars fans out there, totally with me. For those who are not so much, let’s start by looking at what this great motorized car from has to offer.

This droid is the one your looking for! Built to last, this ride on car features lacquered paintwork and multiple flashing headlights. The attention to details with the decals is excellent, really turning this ride on car into a rideable BB8 droid. Inside the car, the features continue with a functional dashboard which includes controls for keyless start, omni-directional movement (driving and spinning), music player and additional MP3 input, TF card insert and USB slot. You can literally listen to your favorite Star Wars ballad while driving this bad boy in the park or driveway.

At, we care about kids of all ages. To ensure no one is disappointed with this purchase, the car includes two different speed settings, allowing the littler less confident kids to take their time learning to drive the car. However, if you little one is a confident driver (also known as a boy racer, Fangio, speed demon or rebel without a cause) then the faster setting will provide more trills than chasing swamp rats with your crews. (relax, it’s a Star Wars reference). The electric motorized car is steered with the two joysticks for something different which builds motor skills and also ensures a unique experience compared to the many ride on cars available at

What’s that you say? How is your little one going to outrun an Imperial Star Destroyed (the really big ones at the start). Well, not problem here, with this speedy little number, you will be able to manage the Kessel run in less than 10 parsecs. Power is from a twin 20W motor and the car can run up to two hours on a single charge.

What about safety? Riding through space is dangerous right? Yeah, it really really is so please don’t launch anyone on this little machine. However, the Star Wars BB8 inspired Kids Ride On Car is perfect for driveways, parks and other mostly flat areas, fully supervised by mum or dad or other trusted friend or relative. Safety features comprise a safety belt, extendable push bar and anti-flat tyres.

For a worst case scenario and like all of our premium models at, this car is fitted with an adult override remote control with a 10m effective range. That means that at any time, you can complete control of the car to ensure that your little avoids a crash, run in with the local playground bully, angry pet or Sith Lord.

So, obviously, May the Force be with you. Seriously, take it, these Star Wars references are driving our staff nuts.

At we love ride on and we love having fun. Come join us.

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