Kids Ride On Buying Guide

So you have decided to buy a ride on … what should you consider?

Buying a ride on car should be fun … right? Well, you may be surprised to find out that many parents with the best intentions for their child, end up making some pretty significant mistakes and selecting and using their new ride on. If you are new to ride ons then please take  few minutes to read the below.

At your loved ones’ safety is our absolute priority and we make buying with confidence simple. All our ride on toys are sourced from reputable manufacturers and vigorously tested for quality and safety before we make them available to our customers. Crucially, ALL the products listed for purchase at meet ALL current Australian safety standards so you can be sure your loved one will be safe while enjoying their new ride on toy.

If you’re considering buying elsewhere, here are some important safety tips to consider before you decide to purchase:

While most kids ride on toys are made in China, there are distinct differences in the quality of construction across manufacturers. Material gauge and thickness should be considered as this will directly impact the products quality and capacity. Inexpensive bolts and screws can rust over time which may compromise the ride ons safety. For larger motorised ride on toys, weld quality and frame thickness should be considered as often these ride ons travel at high speeds and poor quality can result in breakage, and serious injury.

Many ride on arrive at your doorstep in hundreds of pieces and require considerable assembly. This can create an issue for assemblers with limited knowledge/ability. At, we supply our ride on toys partially assembled, leaving only very basic construction to be completed upon its arrival.

At, all our products are supplied with a 12-month Australian warranty. Be aware of other sellers offering an overseas warranty. An Australian warranty requires that the product meet strict Australian safety regulations. 

Importantly, most ride on toys require cognitive learning. We recommend that your child spend some time just sitting in/on their ride on to help build their confidence and gross motor competence. When first using a ride on that requires balance, the seat on the ride on should be low enough for your child’s feet to be planted flat on the floor, otherwise they may have difficulty propelling themselves or stopping safely. As your child’s confidence and balance increases, the seat can be lifted to provide the most efficient riding position.

We recommend your child first practice on a large flat area before talking paths and/or driveways that may be challenging. Find an oval, or large smooth paved area that will allow your child to cover some distance, without the need to avoid obstacles. This will allow them to focus on refining their skills/abilities, ahead of introducing environmental challenges.

At, many of our motorised ride on toys are supplied with a remote-control unit. This provide peace-of-mind to parents who are concerned their child may run into difficulty. A remote control also allows younger children [12-18 months] who are without the cognitive skills to enjoy time in a motorised ride on toy as a passenger first.

Have more questions? Contact, Australia’s #1 Kids Ride On retailer, today so we can answer any safety related questions you may have and provide guidance on selecting the perfect ride on toy for your loved one.

At we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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