Safety First: Tips For Ensuring A Safe Ride-On Toy Experience

Safety First: Tips For Ensuring A Safe Ride-On Toy Experience

There's nothing quite like the pride, joy and love a parent feels watching their little ones having fun, learning how to manoeuvre on bikes and other ride-on toys. However, there's also an inevitable fear that something terrible might happen, and ensuring a safe ride-on toy experience is especially paramount during playtime outside.

At, we understand that safety is non-negotiable during your child's playtime, which is why in this blog post, we'll explore the importance of safety in ride-on toys and provide valuable tips for parents to ensure their little ones have a secure and enjoyable ride.

  1. Choose age-appropriate ride-on toys

Ensure the ride-on toy suits your child's age, size and level of development. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended age range and weight limits. If you're unsure, it's best to consult a manufacturer, your child's doctor or a child development expert.

If your budget allows, we also recommend getting kids’ ride-on toys with extra safety features, such as:

  • Speed limiters to control the maximum speed
  • Brakes for quick and efficient stopping
  • Seatbelts to secure your child in place
  • Remote-control options for parental supervision
  • Adjustable seat height for a customised fit
  • Durable construction to withstand wear and tear
  • Non-slip materials on handles and pedals for added stability
  • Reflective elements for increased visibility, especially during outdoor play
  1. Inspect the toy regularly

Regularly inspect your kid’s ride-on toy, checking for any loose parts, sharp edges or signs of wear and tear. Address any issues promptly to prevent accidents. It's also best to ensure that electric ride-on toys are adequately charged before venturing outdoors for uninterrupted playtime, allowing your child to fully enjoy the excitement of their ride without any unexpected hiccups.

  1. Wear protective gear

Prioritise safety by having your child wear appropriate protective gear such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. This is especially crucial for activities involving speed or uneven terrain.

  1. Supervise playtime

Always supervise your child during playtime with ride-on toys, particularly if they use electric ones. Ensure they are using the toy in a safe environment, away from potential hazards. You may also opt for a ride-on with limiters and remote-control functions, allowing you to have control over your kids' speed.

This added feature promotes a safer play experience by preventing them from accelerating too fast, especially in areas where close supervision may be challenging. It adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind while your child enjoys their ride-on toy adventure.

  1. Teach traffic safety rules

If your child is riding on sidewalks or in public areas, teach them the basic traffic safety rules that apply to the area, such as stopping at intersections, looking both ways before crossing, and signalling intentions.

  1. Establish riding boundaries

Set clear boundaries for where your child can ride their toy. This helps prevent them from venturing into unsafe areas like busy streets or steep inclines.

  1. Educate about charging and battery safety

For electric ride-on toys, educate your child about the importance of proper charging and battery safety. Emphasise the need to follow charging guidelines and avoid overcharging. It's also essential that ride-ons are sufficiently charged before playtime outdoors to prevent unexpected interruptions due to a drained battery. 

  1. Encourage proper riding posture

Teach your child the importance of proper riding posture to prevent accidents or injuries. This includes sitting on the toy correctly and holding the handlebars with both hands to ensure better control.

  1. Secure outdoor play areas

If possible, create a secure outdoor play area for ride-on toys. Fenced yards or designated play spaces help contain the play environment, reducing the risk of accidents or wandering.

  1. Promote responsible riding

Instil a sense of responsibility in your child by emphasising the importance of respectful and responsible riding. This includes considering others' space, following safety guidelines and properly caring for their ride-on toy.

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