Range Rover inspired Kids Ride On Car_Pink

Range Rover inspired Kids Ride On Car - Pink is the NEW Black!

Turns out the Range Rover inspired SUV in pink, white or black is the hottest ride on car for the past three months running on rideons.com.au and it’s not hard to see why.

Rideons.com.au is proud to bring you the iconic shape and lines of this SUV classic in conjunction with the feel and experience of your little one riding in a top quality electric car.  This Range Rover inspired SUV truly sets the benchmark for all other electric ride on cars to follow. Like the real Range Rover, this amazing kid’s electric car features more than enough power utilizing an upgraded 50W twin motor allowing this ride on to go from zero to 8km per hour without breaking a sweat.

Before we get in and experience all this Range Rover ride on has to offer on the inside, let’s take a step back and take a good look at the cars design and finish. The contrasting two tone lacquered finish embodies the quality that car enthusiasts have come to expect from Range Rover. Your little one will be able to see their smile in the paintwork after receiving your ride on from rideons.com.au

Striking headlights provide visibility for dusk and dawn driving while reversing lights provide the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Entering the car is where the real excitement begins for your little ride on driver. At rideons.com.au we understand the importance of providing a quality interior that will both take some (reasonable) abuse but also provide enough interest to ensure that the drive is fun and memorable. The Range Rover inspired SUV electric ride on car provides workable and lockable doors, while the dashboard features a smorgasbord of fun for your little one. Specific controls for start, forward, reverse, speed, lights, the horn and even MP3 player connectivity. Yes, you heard it, at rideons.com.au, our cars allow your little one to drive a superior quality electric ride on car while listening to their favourite songs. Life for a little one just doesn’t get any better than that.

At rideons.com.au, safety is our biggest concern. Fun is a close second. The Range Rover inspired SUV electric ride on car features many safety features providing the parent peace of mind that provided kids are fully supervised, nothing should go wrong. Quality, gripping and anti-slip tyres offer premium traction for most surfaces. Four wheel suspension means that any surface will be less bumpy than a cheaper ride on care model, providing a longer and more enjoyable ride for your child. This premium ride on car also comes with a parental remote control allowing you to take over the controls of speed and direction in case your little one if feeling less confident or maybe a little over confident. This tremendous safety feature ensure that all level of confidence will have a blast with this quality electric ride on car from rideons.com.au

With up to two hours of fun on a single charge, the Range Rover SUV inspired electric car from rideons.com.au is the perfect gift for any special occasion. The friendly team at rideons.com.au are ready to answer any questions you may have and provide any support pre and post purchase. Life is too short. At rideons.com.au we love ride ons and we love having fun. Join us.

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