Police Inspired Kids Ride on Motorbike Motorcycle Trike

Police Inspired Kids Ride on Motorbike Motorcycle Trike

Want your kids to save the world when they grow up? How about you start with a healthy dose of responsibility by buying them this Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorbike from Rideons.com.au. Sure, there are supercars and enormous SUV models in our range - and while those are great, but let’s be honest, they aren’t doing a lot to teach our kids the responsible side of being a responsible car owner. But give them a ride on with a badge on it and “hey presto”, they are out making sure everyone else is doing the right thing. And watch out other kids because with this model, they have complete authority to pull over other ride ons and shut them down. Because we love police men and police woman, we have ensured that this model is available in four fantastic colours, allowing your kids to arrest and report, while looking stylish and on trend. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

At rideons.com.au, we believe that all kids deserve to have awesome amounts of fun, at least, most of the time which is why we have made this little beauty incredibly affordable while ensuring that it has all of the amazing features that you would expect from a quality ride on. At rideons.com.au, we also believe that kids need to be safe while driving our cars which is why this little ripper also comes with a variety of safety and stability features.

Let’s start with the basics, moving. This Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle is equipped with a triple wheel design which includes anti slip wheels to ensure that this ride on is stable and suitable for most surfaces. To move the kids electric cars ride on forward, just press down on the good-sized foot pedal. Additional safety features include eye catching flashing lights and a rear storage box that is both practical and prevents your little one from being hit from behind.

At rideons.com.au, it is very much about what you don’t see as it is what you do. The superior quality of this Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle begins with a fully sealed construction and uses an SAA approved battery charger. A 6V battery can be fully charged in 8-10 hours which provides an astonishing 2 hours ride time.

What if your loved one doesn’t like the police? Well, definitely be worried about the kid but not about the ride on car you choose. This Police inspired Kids Ride On Motorcycle also comes in the red version, a pseudo fire fighter model for those kids who prefer to save kittens and help older ladies across the road (fully supervised with an adult at all times). Kid doesn’t like police or firefighters? Seriously, we can’t help you although we will work on a model specifically designed for kids who want to grow up to be criminals. We’re working on it, wink, wink.

Suitable for kids over three years old when fully supervised, this police inspired ride on motorcycle is proudly brought to you by rideons.com.au. Get yours now by visiting us online at www.rideons.com.au. At rideons.com.au, we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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