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Need a ride on today? Visit RideOns.com.au, Australia's #1 Seller Of Quality Ride On Cars

Welcome to RideOns.com.au, Australia’s leading retailer of quality kids electric ride on cars, motorbikes, trikes, scooters, pedal cars, push cars, Segway personalized transportation and everything in-betweenRideOns.com.au have a ride on for every age level and at every price point, starting from our amazing $57 (delivered) ride on non-motorized bulldozer, to our extensive range of BERG pedal carts which range from toddler, through child, through teenagers to adult sized ride on, allowing the entire family to enjoy the thrill of spending some quality time outside, without breaking the bank.  

We get a lot of enquiries from customers who want to understand how quickly they can receive their ride on car. At RideOns.com.au, we want to ensure that both you're buying experience and riding experience are second to none.  

We pride ourselves on quality customer service. Our friendly and helpful RideOns.com.au customer service team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you have or to receive and process your order to ensure that we dispatch your ride on as quickly as possible, giving it the best opportunity to arrive at your door faster than any other retailer in Australia. We also provide outstanding post purchase customer service. While we rarely have problems with our ride ons, like any product in the market, something things can go wrong. Our warranty protocols ensure that we address any factory defect quickly and effectively, minimizing the time that you are without your ride on and ensuring that we resolve the issue to our satisfactions.  

Our technical experts are also available 24x7 to assist with any questions you have on assembling your ride on. Under Australian law, we cannot ship any ride on with the battery connected and therefore, when your ride on is shipped, we place a plastic cover over the battery lead connection which must be removed before the ride on can be charged. Despite this requirement being clearly stated in the instructions, our technical team receive daily queries from customers, panicking because their ride on has “not charged”. Ensuring that we walk our customers through the process of connecting the battery correctly has saved many a sad child on Christmas morning, birthdays and other special occasions.  

At RideOns.com.au, we strongly believe that ride ons are great but value is king. As standard, all of our ride ons come with a one year Australian warranty. Every ride on we sell also come with free delivery, anywhere in Australia, as standard. This means that the price you pay on the screen is the price you pay, period. No exceptions and this type of simple buying, combined with quality customer service is what makes RideOns.com.au the #1 seller of kids and adults ride on within Australia.  

If you are currently looking for a ride on, then please check out our fantastic collection of “in stock” models. All of these models are in stock today and available for immediate dispatch. This means that (depending on your state), you could have one of our quality ride on at your door in as little as 48 hours. No that’s amazing service! You can check them out here: 

Ride Ons in stock NOW

We are proud of our business and we are thankful to our customers who allow us to make their little one smile, every day. At RideOns.com.au we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us. 

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