McLaren Inspired Kids Ride on Car with Remote Control

McLaren Inspired Kids Ride on Car with Remote Control

It’s a McLaren. Seriously, what more do you want us to write! This amazing ride on takes the greatest production car brand of all time and combines with the awesomeness of a kid’s electric ride on car. Specifically, this McLaren inspired Kids Ride On Car from is a copy of the McLaren 570S Spider. For those who are not aware, the McLaren 570S Spider is one of the fastest production cars ever made. With a top speed of well over 280 kmh, this car is part track star and part Romeo with its ability to be driven as a coupe.

Like its famous big brother, at, we want to make sure that our McLaren 570S Spider inspired Kids Ride On Car was also packed full of features, worth of its supercar heritage. Like all supercars, we start with the outside of this pretty ride. The immaculate gloss lacquer finish of this car highlights the many aerodynamic curves and lines of this stylish ride.

The signature dihedral doors are wonderful for kids to learn how to use and provide that special feeling of getting in and out of this amazing ride on car. Inside this ride on, the interior is stacked with a feast of features and controls. Probably the most amazing, is the ability for your little one to drive this car while listening to their favourite tunes playing through the MP3 connectivity. Or if you little one has no favourite tunes, let them simply enjoy the cars built-in music. An upgraded 50W twin motor is boosted by a pair of 6.5V 4.5aH batteries and will deliver up to two hours of continuous riding. Quickly re-charged with the SAA approved battery charger, your little one will be back on the car and thoroughly annoying you with the flashing lights and music before you can say whatever it is that you said when you are really annoyed with your kids. At, we love kids so we don’t have any words we use when we are annoyed with our kids because we think all kids are perfect.

At, we understand the need to balance fun with safety. The McLaren 570S Spider inspired Kids Ride On Car some with a soft speed system that allows your child to gradually accelerate and decelerate the car as they need to. This is particularly important when learning how to drive a ride on car. This system also prevents the car from jerking on starts or stops, ensuring that their little necks are safe and secure. If all else fails and you feel you need to step in, then you can easily do so using the remote-control unit. This unit allow you to control the speed and direction of the car, ensuring that with your supervision, your little one is never in harm’s way. Performance tires and all wheel suspension add to the safety of this wonderful car from

What about the price. Surely if the McLaren 570S Spider costs around AUD $200,000, this ride on must cost nearly as much. Well, you might be pleased to know that this incredible ride on come us at just under AUD $250. Yes, that’s right, our amazing car costs $199,750 less than its big brother. That might be the best deal that you have ever seen. At Ride on Cars Australia, we are so happy to have this ride on car in our range and we want to get these into the hands of your little ones because a ride on without a child in it, is like a rainbow without the purple., join us for fun times.

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