Maserati Inspired Kids Ride on Car with Remote Control

Maserati Inspired Kids Ride on Car with Remote Control

At, we prefer the finer things in life. It’s in this spirit that we introduce an Italian stallion to Australia's #1 ride on car range. Introducing the Maserati inspired kids ride on car with remote control. A perfect replica of it’s real big brother, this Maserati is only a place to store their $5 bucks while they cruise down to the local for a café latte and some people watching. Just for clarity, does not condone giving anyone below the age of 18 caffe lattes. does however, fully condone, that you purchase this amazing Maserati inspired ride on car for your child to ensure that they are the coolest kids in the playground, or other fully supervised place you find yourself using this exceptional ride on.

Like all Italian sports cars, we need to start on the outside to tell the full story of this magnificent ride on. Featuring a stunning high-gloss lacquer finish, and generous curves that reflect the real thing, your little one will experience the true supercar dream. Workable doors invite your child into the car to explore and enjoy the luxury that is a perfect replica of an Italian classic. The cockpit of this Italian beauty features everything your child needs to have a ball for 2hrs within a single charge. Including working headlights, reversing lights, flashing lights with music and an MP3 input, this motorized car from is a god amongst men.

We’ve told you about the beauty but like all good things Italian, sometimes that beauty also needs a little beast. The beast in this case in the exceptional and powerful twin 25W (total 50W) motors that propel this magnificent beast to a maximum 8km/h. Yes, you read it right. Feeling a little scared that this replica might be a little too close to the real thing for your little one, well don’t stress. Like all of our high end motorized ride on at, this Maserati Inspired Kids Ride On Car comes with a parental remote control, giving you the power to take control and manually control the speed and direction of the ride on. A great feature of this car is also the two speed modes, ensuring that your little one can work up to the higher speeds. Other quality features include four wheel suspension, sports seat with safety belt and anti-slip tyres.

Unlike most sports kids ride on cars (which we all know are compensating for something), at, we are proud to say that the purchase of one of our cars is never compensating for anything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With a motorized car from, you will be unable to stop the rapid amplification of the best time your kids have ever had. Yes, that’s right, we said it. At, we believe that ride on cars are one of the best times kids can have, period.

So purchase your Maserati inspired Kids Ride On Car today and get out there and have some fun. We, we love ride ons and we love having fun. Come join us.

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