Fire Engine Inspired Kids Ride On Car Firetruck

Fire Engine Inspired Kids Ride On Car Firetruck

Every child dreams of adventure. All it takes is one sound of a siren, and children are at the windows looking for the magic. Fire trucks captivate children; the unique combination of adventure, the excitement of potential danger, and ultimately being the hero combine to stimulate their minds and compel creativity. At we’re pretty sure that most kids had some sort of Firetruck growing up, and now, it’s your chance to pass the excitement onto your loved one!

Our Fire Engine Inspired Kids Ride On Car Firetruck is the ultimate fire-fighting accessory to accompany your loved one’s adventures. Upon first seeing this amazing ride on, your loved one is presented with all of the bright and colourful details that decorate the real thing. A super shiny red [or yellow] painted finish, covered in authentic, safety orientated decals, immediately indicates to your loved one that this new toy is something special. A litany of emergency lighting, in conjunction with super bright flashing headlights and light up reversing lights further reinforce this vehicles authority, and potential to spark adventure.  

And, what fun is a Kids Ride On Fire Truck if you can’t fight fires… Well with this ride on, your loved one can. Equipped with a functional bubble cannon, your loved one can take control of an [imaginary] fire and quickly disperse the flames, without soaking the carpet ;-)

Other cool features on this kids ride on fire truck include a moveable ladder to assist in tower rescues; and on board music to enhance more subdued cruising.

Safety is our first priority at and this Kids Ride On Fire Truck doesn’t compromise. Equipped with an oversized steering wheel to assist newer riders and a unique soft speed acceleration system, this Kids Ride On Fire Truck is able to manage and eliminate jerky or sudden movement, ensuring gradual acceleration and deceleration while your loved one learns to use their new ride on. Additional safety features include four-wheel suspension and upgraded ‘grippy’ tyres to steady your loved one as they learn to drive. Crucially, like all the ride on cars we deliver at, all the ‘emergency vehicles’ we deliver comply with the EN71 Standard Safety of Toys, and are supplied with an SAA-approved battery charger.

Need more convincing that this is the right ride on? When your loved one is driving a motorised ride on cars afterpay they are developing their core motor and cognitive abilities. Time spent playing in a ride on car will further develop a child’s spatial awareness [their relationship with the surrounding environment] and improve their reaction times to events happening around them. Motor skills, including their hand-eye coordination are further developed, as are their problem-solving skills as the environment around them provides challenges that require more complex thinking. Our firetruck is ‘loaded’ with buttons and unique features, all designed to drive their development.

Ready to purchase? Simply head to to view the largest range of Kids Ride On Toys in Australia, at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Need more help, just contact us.

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